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Super Deal! Solar Charger V2 from Iwantoneofthose

Iwantoneofthose Offer Details – Solar Charger V2

Solar Charger V2
Solar Charger V2 from Iwantoneofthose

Offer Details: As we career headlong into the future we’ve naturally become a lot more reliant on technology than most of us would care to admit, which means when one of your many gadgets runs out of juice we’re usually left in a bit of a sulk. Your mobile phone has a nasty habit of losing power when you’re at least 15 miles from the nearest plug socket, and that simply won’t do. Pack a new Solar Charger V2 in your briefcase or backpack and never again will you have to face the daunting prospect of being “out of touch”. Pre-order now for Christmas just £29.99

Offer expires on: 31/12/2009

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