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Super Deal! Tape Express from Iwantoneofthose

Iwantoneofthose Offer Details – Tape Express

Tape Express
Tape Express from Iwantoneofthose

Offer Details: For a certain generation, cassette tapes have a special place close to the heart. The thrill of recording the Top 40 every Sunday evening and the ensuing frustration at being unable to edit out the DJ speaking over the end of each song will be familiar to a great many people. You know who you are, dancing round the bedroom with a tennis racquet guitar under your arm, unable to forget that humble 90-minute format. The way we consume our music has marched firmly into a digital future, but spare a thought for all those lonely tapes, collecting dust under the bed (along with your original Walkman), by completely reviving them with the ingenious Tape Express. – pre-order for Christmas £49.99

Offer expires on: 31/12/2009

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