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T-Mobile Broadband Extra

Though many popular ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are providing mobile broadband facilities, people used to prefer for the better internet access speed that comes with a lower cost. T-Mobile Broadband Extra is the latest dongle which is available in the UK market with many user supportive offers. The broadband speed is about 7.2 Mbps with a usage limit of 5 GB. This efficient and faster broadband offer is given for 24 months. With this access speed, you can download images, audios, videos and all other kinds of files in no time. Only thing is that VoIP service is not provided with this package.

The download speed is about 4.5 Mbps along with a fair usage allowance of 10 GB. No personal web space is offered but you can send more than 2000 cost free plain text emails in this package. Security features are mandatory for the mobile broadband services which most of the customers expect from their ISPs. So, T-Mobile Broadband too provides extremely good security services. They purvey spam filters which can be able to protect your data from unwanted intrusions.

The dongle stick or USB modem is free and no charges for connection and installation too. No need for the customers to be skeptic about this package since the ISP has excellent customer satisfaction and reliability criteria.

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