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T-Qualizer 2 Light Up T-Shirt

T-Qualizer 2 Light Up T-Shirt

Making a display of yourself has never been easier, and now it’s more fun than ever to stand out from the crowd.Following on from the outrageous success of our ‘Geek Chic’ T-Qualiser T-shirts, we have taken the next step and gone all techno-3D. The black t-shirts sport a slim, bright, electro-luminescent design in the shape of a 3D graphic equaliser display. Just like the T-Qualizer they have a built in controller box which incorporates a wide sensitivity sensor – so when the music plays, the lights start to dance – and so will you presumably. Whether you’re in a club, a bar, at a festival, or just leaping around the living room, the lights will flash up and down your shirt as the music pumps away. FeaturesBlack cotton t-shirt with a sound activated 3D illuminating panel. Lights flash in time to surrounding beats. An advanced controller box with a wide sound sensitivity sensor. The 3D illuminating panel is powered by a detachable battery pack. The battery pack has an on/off switch so you can choose when you do and don’t want to flash (as it were). The battery pack can be unplugged for washing the t-shirt. The t-shirt is hand wash only. The T-Qualizer is available in small, medium, largeand extra large. Requires 4 x AAA Batteries (not included). Size:-Small: 85cm (33.5 inches) Medium: 100cm (39.5 inches) Large: 120cm (47 inches) Extra-Large: 145cm (49 inches).

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  1. Well, the problem that doesn’t always seem to be explained is how about the washing? How will that be done?

  2. potential says:

    yo was up my name is potential the new hip hop. im an up coming rapper and singer, friends with lil mama. im also a good promoter .i promote a light up shoes calles jezign ive gotin them alot sales in the past year too.

    well i was just wondering if i can help u guys promote the shirt for you ,i can wear it in my music video soon

    let me know

  3. I have never been a great fan of t-shirts like this, but i can see them being a great novelty item. Its probablly not something you would wear all the time?

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