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TBE The Age UK Mobile Phone

AGE UK delivered a new phone to the market in the 4th quarter of 2012. It was a phone designed to provide basic functionality for elderly mobile customers. Retailing for £55, it was designed for those who have no previous experience interacting with any kind of technology. With the ability to store names and numbers, users can simply press names instead of entering numbers, which makes it much easier for the elderly customers to get to grips with.

Image source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1377498
Image source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1377498

A very simple user interface for mobiles.

The phone literally tells the user what to do, so it is possible for family members to program the phone ready for their elderly relative. The phone, for example, has a clear and unequivocal button stating “Answer” and a similar button saying “On / Off”. The interface is so simple, it is even greatgrandparent-proof. It alleviates the anxiety that often comes when elderly parents come to use a phone for the first time. With 11 different colors to choose from and a battery life approaching 5 days, the phone really is designed for the aged.

Mobile phone usage fall off above 75

Statistics show that around 70 percent of those over 65 utilize a mobile phone. However, at the age of 75, this percentage drops off to around 50 percent. This is a big market full of people who are vulnerable, and should be in touch, especially when they are living on their own.

A percentage of the revenue goes to the charity and the phone really does provide a medium for those that didn’t think they could have or use a phone. It make the elderly contactable and able to contact others.

Targeted phones

Mobile phone manufacturers themselves are looking to target specific niches more and more. This has been demonstrated by Blackberry in their offerings. And it’s not just targeting based on the price that people are looking for now; there is more and more focus on specific demographics and the requirements of users in order to press the button when it comes to the exact needs of the user.

Peace of mind through a phone

The Age UK phone is a welcome addition to the market and will provide many family members with peace of mind that they are linked up to their elderly relatives. At such a reasonable price it is financially accessible and a really innovative idea. In reality, the phone is a very basic one with limited functionality and comes at a lower price because of it’s limited features. It is all about the user interface and providing peace of mind which the phone can do well.

Other new mobiles have been developed for the elderly and those with poor sight. It is somewhat heartwarming to see that technology is touching so many areas of society and providing bespoke solutions to even its most vulnerable members. This Age UK phone provides a glimpse into the good that technology can do and the difference it can make to the lives of so many people.

Phil Turner thinks that new mobiles targeted at specific groups are great. It is how other markets like cars developed as their markets reached maturity and saturation point.

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