Tech-Savvy Gadgets for Game Lovers

There is one thing that game developers know about when it comes to gamers and that is the fact that they love their gadgets. There are a lot of items that gamers look for in their tech products and that is anything that can heighten their gaming experience. Fortunately there is always a market for gaming accessories and products, and that means that there is a revolving door for new products. The minute a gamer gets bored with one there is a new one on the shelf.

Below is a list of some of the top gaming gadgets that are currently available on the market:

iPad Mini


Many people thought the gaming revolution came with the introduction of the iPad. The truth is that the iPad did change the gaming world, but the iPad Mini has completely revamped it. The iPad made mobile gaming desirable, but the iPad Mini perfected it. The iPad Mini allows the gamer to play their favorite games easily since the new 8” screened tablet is extremely light weight it allows you to have all of the benefits of the Apple gaming products such as the high-speed processor, great graphics, and an excellent mobility.

Wii U


The Wii U is an amazing new addition to the gaming world. It takes everything that you love about the Wii and takes it one step further to make it better. There is an amazing new adaptation to the console that you already love, and it is a handheld device that will allow you to see the game from an entirely new angle. You can switch between the actual screen playing the game and the handheld device. There are different lighted pathways and other aspects of the game that will change between the gaming screen and the handheld device. It helps make the large screen perfect for the spectators, but advances the game play for the player.

The Surface


Sure the iPad Mini is already on this list, but the Microsoft Surface is on the list for a completely different reason. Any major gamer that currently owns an Xbox 360 or is thinking about getting a Windows8 powered cell phone should really consider getting the Microsoft Surface. While it currently only offers the gaming capabilities that are available in the app store the end game is to allow the gaming capabilities of any downloads that you have through your Xbox live or your mobile devices. You will no longer have to purchase a game for each device, but will be able to move from device to device enjoying the same game.

Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse


This is the perfect present for any computer gamer. This is an extremely sensitive gaming mouse that allows the super sensitivity to respond faster and help you to optimize your game play. It is not that cheap coming in at around just under $150, but it is a must for the hardcore computer gamer.

Kinect for Windows


Everyone knows that the Kinect is available for the Xbox 360, and we also know that the Xbox 360 is also created by Microsoft so it only makes sense that Microsoft would develop a Kinect for Windows. You no longer have to purchase a high-priced gaming device to go along with your gaming accessories. Now you can use the computer you use every day as your gaming device. The device will be available in the beginning of the New Year, but it will clock in between $200-$300.

Gaming devices are a great way to draw people in, but the gadgets that you add on are what help to keep people there. Gamers are always looking for a way to step up their game, but it is these hi-tech gadgets that help to get them there.

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