Ten Most Desired Mobile Apps for Virtual Offices

As new companies are sprouting up in the world, many of them are turning into virtual businesses. The reduced cost of running a virtual office is a grand appeal to business owners, and the ability to work from the comfort of home is what brings in loyal workers. Now, many may wonder how a virtual office can stay in contact, especially if the workers do not live in the same state (or country).


This is where the wonder of the Internet comes into play. Apart from being able to work from home, the Internet allows employees and employers to keep in touch without burning through long conversations on the phone that can cause one mighty large bill. Many of the employees can either keep in touch with mobile Internet from their phones, or from the Internet itself from PCs or laptops.

There are plenty of ways to keep in touch with businesses and co-workers. There are currently 10 mobile apps that are hot right now virtual offices.


One of the best free sites out there for virtual offices to upload and store finished projects. Not only can virtual offices view it from PCs and laptops, GoogleDocs can also be viewed from mobile Smartphones.

A company can upload a project for three of their ten workers to work on, and make it viewable to those three team members alone without sharing with the other seven.



Probably one of the most used methods of communication next to a cell phone, Skype has made quite a name for itself. Skype can either be used on a PC or laptop, or from the Mobile Skype app for any mobile Smartphone.

Much like an instant messenger, Skype allows Internet users to chat to friends, co-workers, or family members. The best feature of Skype? Being able to call another person using Skype, or someone’s cell, or home phone.

Of course, it costs money to call from the Internet to a phone, but that’s only for those who choose to pay. Skype is a free Internet service, so the best bet is to make sure everyone has Skype before calling!



The virtual office app for Android users, designed by Intuit, TimeCatcher allows virtual offices to track their employee’s times so they are paid accordingly. Travel sheets that have all the time stamps calculated are able to be sent either from phones or e-mails; there will never be a discussion about miscalculated time again.



A process much like GoogleDocs, DropBox allows companies to upload papers, contact info, photos, or very large documents into a personal storage space that can be shared with the public or privately. Built like an online filing cabinet, DropBox provides a great backup service to virtual offices, so no files ever become lost.

Available for iDevices, Blackberry, and the Android, DropBox can be used for any phone service with a mobile connection. Virtual offices are able to upload documents, download paperwork, or tweak slide shows for big name projects. It can be very beneficial for virtual offices when wanting to share work or keep a record of papers.

Awesome Note

iPhone based only for the time being, Awesome Note is a high rated app for virtual offices. Companies are able to combine every team member’s notes into one document to share with other team members. Awesome Note can also be synced with GoogleDocs to store back up documents and can also plug in to-do lists on virtual calendars.


Virtual offices are able to create detailed travel plans for those times when you urgently need a full group meeting to share plans in just a touch of a few buttons. WorldMate allows offices to stay up to date with flight alerts, updated directions, and the ability to share notices with their employers. This is the app for virtual offices that require a lot of travel.



Built to work with iPhones (for now; Android and Blackberry versions are currently being worked on), Campfire is designed like a traditional instant messenger. Designed by 37 Signals, virtual offices are able to have group conversations from afar.



iPhone friendly, TimeWerks allows employers of virtual offices to track the work process of their employees and calculate how much they are paid, so companies have a greater sense of the output of their money. Virtual Offices are able to export the timed data so their workers are able to view all that they’ve done, so they can double check the process.


A very popular traveling app for virtual offices, companies are able to find hotels, link maps, and receive flight alerts when travel information is needed. Capable of working with iPhones, Blackberrys, and Androids; TripIt is a great addition to any virtual offices app library.



A great app for storing work notes and contact information, virtual offices are able to keep a virtual notepad without spending money and wasting paper. Smartphone users are also able to scan barcodes which generate a picture of the product that can then be shared with other office employees. Available to run with iPhones and Androids, Springpad is a great free app for virtual offices to stay green.

These popular apps are some of the best virtual offices apps out there to keep businesses running smoothly without any virtual snags. All of the apps mentioned above are easy to use, creating less stress for a sometimes stressful business.

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