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Terrace Fire Pit

Terrace Fire Pit

Made from a mixture of spun iron and stainless steel – making them durable and long lasting – they allow you to have the warmth and atmosphere of an open fire anywhere. The three sturdy legs have adjustable ball feet for steady positioning on uneven ground, and two fold down handles make it a cinch to move around. Simply sit it on your patio, deck or lawn (especially if you’re precious about your grass) and you’ve got an instant fireplace. It comes with an internal grill, so you can use it for a bit of occasional cooking if you’re feeling peckish, and it also has a mesh hood if you’re worried about errant sparks damaging your deck. You can use wood or coal, toast marsh mallows at will, and if the mood takes you (and you hate your neighbours), burst into ‘home on the range’ medleys with an out of tune guitar – summer evenings just got warmer and brighter.

You can have this for £89.99 – Approx USD $161.98 / €133.19

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