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Testing Your Website

This post will be a little more technical and it was made for the website owners or managers who want to test and improve their sites.

I will be talking about Jmeter technologies and how we can use the stress tests for a website.

Site performance technologies

Using site performance technologies we can see how our website is responding when a large number of visitors enter simultaneously on a specific page. We all want good search engines positions for our sites and we want to offer the user a good web experience. We all know that Google and visitors appreciate speed. If your site loads slow the user will get bored and leave your site, on the other hand if you have a slow website Google will probably penalize it with poor rankings.

To improve our site speed we need data. First we need to know where we start and we need tests to see if the changes we made are working.

About JMeter


There are open source tools such as JMeter which allows us to stress our website by simulating hundreds of visitors who access the website in the same time. JMeter is a popular open source tool for load testing, with many useful modeling features such as thread group, timer, and HTTP sampler elements.

This tool can be used to analyze a site performances. This tool is for advances users. The ones who don’t have great technical skills prefer to utilize more user friendly tools like BlazeMeter.

BlazeMeter is a tool which runs better, faster JMeter load tests. Also the interface is user friendly and the reports are easy to interpret. This is the tool I want to use to improve my website. For now I use the free option but I am thinking of getting on demand plan so I will pay just for what I use.

Why to use a dedicated service

Using JMeter or a tool based on it  will allow you to get the relevant data regarding your website performances.

These king of tools are used to localize errors and to fix them. For example my site has a few CSS problems and some caching problems with some images. By installing a plugin like WP super cache all the images will be load from cache memory and my site will load faster.

You should focus on reducing site latency (time until first response) and lowering the site’s response time. In my opinion these two are the most important factors to have a fast loading website.

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