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The 13 Best Apps For Building And Renovation

Looking for valuable tablet and smartphone apps can be quite challenging. Although there are some great apps for building and renovation available, finding the useful ones might be difficult. Here is a look at the 13 best apps for building and renovation that you will definitely find useful.

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas
The Houzz iPad and iPhone app lets you look through many glossy pictures from various parts of the world. It allows you to save photos to an ideabook and to identify specific products. This app is very handy when you are looking for an inspiration of how you may want your home to look.

2. Pinterest
Another bookmarking and picture sharing app. Pinterest is an amazing resource for collecting as well as saving design ideas. This pp is a total pleasure to use. 

3. Dwell
This app conveys editorial content from Dwell to your iPad or iPhone. This app is a little lighter on photos than Houzz but has some unbelievable feature articles on exceptional design ideas and houses from various parts of the world.

4. Metricon Homes
This app shows a full variety of houses, includes galleries of different facades and video walk-throughs and shows display home locations on maps. It also allows you to add personal notes or pictures and to share via Facebook, email or Twitter.

5. MagicPlan
This is a remarkable app for building and renovation and is among the few iOS apps that make full use of the camera, GPS and compass of your device. MagicPlan app is designed to let you intuitively map out your house’s floor plan. 

6. Sightspace 3D

This is a great app if you want a preview of how your home will appear on site and you are capable of getting your hands on a number of Google Sketchup plans. This app allows you to get an improved reality outlook of your home on the intended location. It also allows you to carry out a virtual walk-through.

7. 3DOn Architecture
This building and renovation app is similar to the Sightspace app. The two are very similar and great apps for building and renovation.

8. Sun Seeker
This app shows sun’s path where you live, which includes both summer and winter solstice paths. It is incredibly useful when you are thinking about benefiting from thermal mass, the positioning of your solar panels and shading using eaves.

9. iHandy carpenter                 
This is a many-in-one app featuring a plumb bob, spirit level, ruler, protractor and surface level. iHandy carpenter is great for ensuring that everything is tidy and straight.

10. Home Builder Pro Calcs
Although this is technically a builders’ app, it is worth having even if you are only partially involved. It features huge functionality amount, including more practical estimation tools and calculators.

11. ColorChange
This app allows you see how your house walls may look in a specific color. With this app, you can tell what color will be best various rooms of your house.

12. Snap Send Solve
This is a great way of dealing with the council for all issues that may affect the area just around your home. You should not miss this app.

13. Home Maintenance
This is a good tool for keeping track of various maintenance activities around the house. It features a list of predefined responsibilities and allows you to track items with pictures, set alerts for sporadic maintenance as well as email yourself your home maintenance records.

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