The Antique Floating Globe will look great in any office

I have found a gadget which will look great in any office the Antique Floating Globe.

Antique Floating Globe

This globe is suspended by an impressive electronically controlled magnetic system.

How it Antique Floating Globe works

The magnetic head above the globe contains an electro magnet and a magnetic field sensor, and the frame base accommodates the micro-processor and the electronic control components.

The magnetic field sensor records the magnetic field generated by permanent magnets in the globe sphere, and transmits this to the computer. The computer evaluates this data 16,000 times a second and controls the electronic magnets accordingly, accurately moving the globe sphere upwards or downwards.

The permanent magnet in the base holds the sphere safely on the frame when the suspension mechanism is switched off.

The price for the Antique Floating Globe is £45.95 and it is available at

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  1. Wow ! That’s the coolest globe in the world ! It’s floating !

  2. It looks pretty complex. Very nice gadget! The price isn’t high too.

  3. Bryan Karl dot Com Earning, Blogging, Tips and More

    Hey I like that. Something using magnetic fields for decorative purposes is worth buying.

  4. Too cool! I haven’t gotten my dad a Christmas gift yet so I think I’m going to get it for him.

  5. Now that is cool! I wish that someone would have bought me one of those globes – I have a desk which it would look great on, floating in space.

  6. Wow! What a very neat and unique globe. I have never seen anything like that. Very interesting. My father would love to have something like that.

  7. Pretty cool in office..Most of the people have this globe on their desk to make new resolutions every day i think…

  8. I agree that Antique Floating Globe is good in the office but i think it’s also nice idea to put it on your room. right?

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