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The Benefits Of Using A Call Sheet Android App

Call Sheet Android

The increase in popularity of smartphones, such as Android phones, in recent years has pushed the development of a number of applications designed to help people make a call sheet-a document with all the important information needed by the crew and cast of a TV, movie or theatrical production. Such applications provide their users with several benefits, some if which are discussed below.


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Automatic Updates

These apps can make the organization of call sheets easier by filling in blank spaces using information gathered from the Internet. For instance, a call sheet android app can immediately update both weather conditions and emergency information included in a call sheet. Likewise, it can also identify the exact latitude and longitude of an individual to provide a physical location for inclusion on the call sheet.


Since call sheet apps are set up on mobile phones such as iPhones and Android Phones, bringing this capability with you is both convenient and easy. This allows you to make and modify your call sheets from anywhere and at anytime, thereby increasing your efficiency.

Easy Sharing

Sharing or distributing digital copies of files is much easier than handing out printed copies of the same files personally. Doing so is as simple and easy as attaching documents and then forwarding an email to all of the registered recipients. In comparison, using printed or hard copies requires that you find each of the recipients and personally hand them their copy. While there are methods to simplify this process, it’s impossible to make it as simple and easy as digital sharing or distribution.

Flexible Schedule

Due to the ease with which you can distribute electronic copies of your call sheets to their intended recipients, your schedule also gains a measure of breathing room. Using printed copies, you must have your call sheets prepared by specific times when the intended recipients are either together in the same place or can be reached with little trouble. As a result, you must rush to meet these deadlines or face mounting problems getting the relevant information out to everyone. Using electronic copies, you not only gain more time to prepare the call sheets, but you can also have them sent to the recipients’ inboxes in an instant.

Reviewing the Checklist

Though it might seem unimportant compared to other benefits mentioned above, a call sheet app filled in with the relevant information doubles as a checklist throughout the final process. Reminders built into the call sheet tool can protect you from needing to make revisions because you’ve omitted important details from the distributed copies.

A call sheet app even comes with a feature that reports on the delivery of your call sheets. If one of the recipients failed to receive your call sheet for whatever reason, you can check out both the cause and event using this feature. This allows you to solve any problem instantly.

The call sheet android app has become a vital tool for individuals involved in film, TV, or theatrical production due to both the range and degree of benefits it provides.

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