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The Best e-Readers Out There

In the same way that all vacuum cleaners get branded Hoovers and MP3 players are referred to as iPods, the e-reader market has become synonymous with the Kindle. Yet there are many more devices out there than those made by Amazon, and you may find that you get a device more suitable for your needs – or your budget – by broadening your horizons a little.

Here we look at some of the best e-readers around. Just remember when you’re looking through the selection that you don’t necessarily have to use the device’s own store to buy your books – you can get them from high street book retailers such as Waterstones too.

Kobo Arc

koboarc ereader

Image source kobo.com

The main advantage of the Kobo Arc is that it uses Google’s Android operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich to be exact. This means there is nothing stopping you from downloading any number of apps and games for when that novel becomes a little too heavy-going. It is helped by storage capacity of up to 32GB too.

Nook HD

In terms of screen resolution, there is not a sharper image to be found on a seven-inch screen anywhere in the e-reader market. The 1,440 x 900 display shows off the attractive, easy-to-use Android interface.

Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

The first e-reader to add a light to help reading in low-level light. It’s a simple device which does the basics well; while others have since added lights, the simplicity of the Touch means that it retains a very competitive price compared to those others.

The Kindle Paperwhite

Obviously there should be a Kindle on the list, and the Paperwhite is a good option. Four LED lights illuminate the screen, while it obviously benefits from Amazon’s role as market leader for e-readers, with smooth usability and a strong online store.

Sony PRS-T2

There is no doubting that this is a slick and very usable device – what else would you expect from Sony? – but it is let down by the lack of a backlight, which, as mentioned above, others in its price bracket now have. However, Sony devotees will love it, with faster page refreshes and smoother operating than its predecessor. Not only that, it has something others don’t – a stylus. This means you can underline sentences in your books, and even add notes or draw on the pages – very useful for academic texts.

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