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The BIGGEST Gadget to Buy for Home, Office, School or Retail Store

Have you heard the expression “big is better”? Well some smart guys created a new gadgets which can transform any TV into a giant tablet.

The Giant Tablet can be used for work or fun and it was created to be used in retail stores, schools, offices and homes.

Giant Tablet-multi-touch-screen-tv-monitor-table

Initially I was intrigued by the idea of having such a large tablet. The ideas behind tablets is and was extreme portability and taking my TV with me everywhere is not going to happen. But a giant tablet can prove to be very useful for:

  • business to present their offers and to communicate with their customers better. A large screen is also very useful for presentations and because it will feature the tablet’s intuitive interface which makes the device simple to use.
  • schools and universities for teaching activities.
  • individuals for entertainment. It will be cool to have a huge tablet in your living room and we will probably use it as a smart TV. Gaming and streaming will be easy and fun on a Giant Tablet.

The Giant Tablet supports Windows 8 and Android operating systems so it will offer a lot of options because both Droid and Windows fans can enjoy their favorite apps.

With these new technologies science fiction is not SF anymore. Gadgets which seemed just a dream now are real and a big part of our lives.

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