The coolest photo frame I’ve seen 3-D Picture Frame

I like photo frames but I’m not crazy about them, until now I haven’t bought one, but I want the 3-D Picture Frame. This digital photo frame transfers your photos into the third-dimension.

3-D Picture Frame 

You take any standard photo in .jpeg format and, using the included PC software, define the areas that will pop-out. Print out the resulting image on your handy-dandy color inkjet and insert it into the frame under the special filter. And you will get the 3D image.

The technology used by 3-D Photo Frame is called lenticular and uses a series of micro vertical lenses overlaid on top of a photo to display a different image to each eye.

3-D Picture Frame Features:

  • Convert your existing 2-D photos into 3-D
  • No Glasses required for viewing
  • Lenticular 3-D technology uses a special filter under which your printed photo is placed
  • Use the included software to define 3-D areas of your photo
  • Adjust the visible depth of each Area
  • Supports text captions with depth control
  • Included frame dimensions are 4" x 6" inches
  • Photos can be displayed in either portrait or landscape mode

Availability and pricing info

The 3-D Picture Frame cost $24.99 and you can find it at

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  1. lenticular? I am not really familiar with it. I will Google now! Thanks…

  2. good for home decoration

  3. This photo frame seems to be great that is based on the technology of transferring photos into third dimension.

  4. Seems kind of weird to have a digital picture frame where you still need to print out the image and put it in the frame. It does look pretty cool though

  5. What?! I don’t understand how that works, but it’s cool! I want one!

  6. Oh, cool! But wouldn’t it feel kinda weird…
    Though I admit that would look so great… it will feel like you’re touching whoever is on the photo. 😀

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