The End Of Google Reader

There has been a lot of buzz about Google’s decision to discontinue the Google Reader RSS feed.  While some users are upset about this decision, others have realized that there are apps out there which provide better RSS service than the Google Reader.  In truth, there are many of alternatives to Google Reader and many exceed the functionality of this app.  In addition, some users simply do not use RSS feeds as a key component in their news and information consumption.  RSS is an important aspect of information on the internet but Google Reader seemed to  be lacking in the social interaction element.

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RSS Feed Applications

There are hundreds of RSS feed applications that are used with traditional news sources, websites and blogs including the Google Reader, Feed and Reader.  Some of these apps were also able to be imported to Flipboard and other similar apps.  However, as users create more and more Twitter lists that are separated into different news feeds, blog sources and topics, many users found that they were not as dependent on RSS feeds.  Patrick Laforge, editor of the New York Times has pointed out that the primary difference between social news sources like Twitter and traditional news sources is the social aspect.  The human variable cannot be duplicated with automatic RSS feeds.  This fact does not come from a sentimental perspective but from an informational perspective.  Social media and news sources carry a large amount of metadata because individuals choose to comment, tweet or retweet a link.

The Decline of RSS Feeds

Twitter users may have hundreds of people in their lists and this it extremely difficult to quantify – although data scientists of many apps are still attempting to do so.  The information contained in a single Twitter link is much more valuable that an RSS feed as it contains the interests, behavior, background and Twitter activity of users.  Twitter is very good at providing news in real time.  In fact, it is just as good if not better than RSS feeds.  Social media networks like Twitter are also good at providing meaning for those news stories through allowing users to retweet or tweet a link.  For many users, this provides a more meaningful and valuable experience than RSS feeds can provide.  This is why many apps that contain links to social media sites and social media networks like Twitter offer more beneficial recommendations for news than old RSS feeds like Google Reader.  These types of app provide users with information and stories that they want to so and truly tailor the information that users receive.  This tailored information is one of the primary reasons why users continue to use services like Twitter.

The Rise of New and Improved Apps

Before its discontinuation, the Google Reader was mildly popular but the interest soon declined and in response to this Google has decided to terminate the app in July of 2013.  Aside from the decline in popularity of the Google Reader, Google also chose to halt the app in order to downsize.  Luckily, users of this app will be able export the data on their Reader with Google Takeout.  The discontinuation of the Google Reader will leave a void in the market, at least temporarily, for users who want an autonomous and intelligent way to receive information that is important to them.  One of the issues with traditional RSS feed and RSS reader apps is that they must be properly managed.  The task of managing takes a great deal of time and is inefficient to provide personalized content to users.

A new option for personalized content is Genieo.  This innovative app allows users to view and enjoy content that is customized to their interests and hobbies.  Users are able to tailor information based on their web browsing behaviour and habits as well as their preferences and tastes.  Users also do not need to manually enter any information that is important to them – this task is completely automated and secure.  Genieo is an intuitive app that is absolutely free to install and download.  This app features a newspaper style start page and can be used on a variety of operating systems and web browsers.  Additionally, users can link their Genieo preferences to social media networks and even share videos, rss feed preferences  photos and information with friends.

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