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The first MP3 player in the world

Did you know MPMan F10 was the first Mp3 Player in the world?

MPMan F10 was launched by SaeHan Information Systems in 1998 and the price tag was $250.


MPMan F10 had 32MB of storage. At a rough average of 1MB for every minute of music, the player could hold eight 4-minute songs.

The memory it could be upgraded to 64MB thanks to a mail-in program.

Dimensions for this mp3 players granddaddy: 91 mm tall by 70 mm wide by 16.5 mm thick.

The MPMan celebrated its 10th anniversary in March 2008.

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  1. We wish MPMan all the luck and hope that it keeps thriving.


  2. Interesting info, i really didn’t know that. I could imagine how it was to pay mp3 player $250, which in that time had more value, and with which you could play only 8 songs :). But someone had to start the revolution going.

  3. Heu! I didnt know that story…cool!

  4. how much it cost now? 😀 i want to buy a couple of them 😀

  5. We wish MPMan all the luck and hope that it keeps thriving.

  6. This is really a trivia for me. But its really good that people keep on doing their best to have this upgraded, since having 8 songs on my player is not really good (I actually have thousand mp3 collections). Well then, I guess Apple should thank MPMan!

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