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The future of broadband and business

Do you want to know the future of broadband and business?

See this video. The entrepreneur Peter Jones discusses the benefits of next generation access.

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    thanks for share this


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  2. I can see the broadband connectivity flourishing across the globe at a very rapid pace. Thanks for posting the helpful video!

  3. Broadband is improving a lot. But still there are many countries with poor DSL connections. They would loose a lot of market if ISP do not improve their broadband services.

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    Its hard to believe that there are still parts of the UK that cant get broadband, but its true! Even if you can connection rates vary dramatically, I can only just get 1MB, however my friend who lives about 500m down the road can get 20MB as he is in the Virgin Media coverage area, but im not!

  5. Broadband and the internet, is going to change the way all businesses do business. It is one of the single biggest inventions since the internet period…

    As for Peter Jones, the guy is a business genius and is sure to be Britains next Billionaire….

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