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The Gadget Game: How to Optimize Your Technology

Technology has a tendency to take over a person’s office, and many people may not realize that this can actually have an affect on their health. Office setups that are not ergonomically friendly can have a hugely damaging affect on a person’s health and well-being, especially if they are in the office for a long time. Luckily, there are many ways that a person can adjust their offices and home offices to make things better on their mind and their body.

The Gadget Game- How to Optimize Your Technology


Use The Keyboard Tray

Many people do not have their hands resting at the optimal position. The optimal position for hand rest is actually slightly under a standard desk, and ignoring these suggestions can lead to joint pain and eventually carpal tunnel. There are many keyboard trays that can be installed on existing desks, from permanent ones that screw in to temporary ones that can clip onto the desk without damaging its finish. When ergonomically designing an office, installing a keyboard tray is one of the first things that should be done.

Elevate The Monitor

Many monitors today sit too low on the desk. This causes the person using the computer to constantly look downwards, which will eventually be taxing on the neck and spine. Monitors should be elevated so that the person using the computer is always looking directly ahead. This can be done either by purchasing a monitor that extends upwards or by purchasing an adjustable monitor stand that fits under the monitor and lifts it to the desired height.

Try A Standing Desk

Many companies prize standing desks because they are not only healthier but they also increase productivity. People think more clearly and are more active when they are standing, which means that a person can work harder and complete their work faster. Moreover, many studies have found that sitting is extremely detrimental to a person’s health. It can also be difficult on a person’s spinal column if the proper chair is not found.

Get The Right Chair

If standing isn’t right for the user, getting a good chair is the best next thing. A proper chair should support the user’s whole back, with the lower back support being the most important. Ergonomic chairs can be quite expensive, but when compared to the costs of medical care in the future the costs begin to appear trivial. Different people are shaped in different ways, so it’s also important to get a chair that is highly adjustable.

Article by Brionna Kennedy

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