The HTC One X And The Apple IPhone 5 – Did The Best Phone Win?

The smartphone market premium end is cluttered with quality devices that offer superb user experience.  A look at the flagship offerings from the top brands see specifications that startle and screens that look more like high definition TV’s.

With the tremendous amount of innovation that has gone into the market over the last couple of years, it is a time to let out the big guns from the Research and Development Laboratories.


HTC Have Had to Battle – Apple Are Riding A Wave

There’s no doubt that HTC have had a battle on their hands over the last year or so.  HTC were for a long time synonymous with the Android platform.  They released first the Android device and techies rushed to HTC to experience the best mobile platform at the time.  The mantle of best Android phone was rudely stripped from them when Samsung entered the fray.

Last year, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2.  These phones dramatically affected the high-end capability of HTC to capture market share.  HTC have responded with some cracking phones including the recent HTC Droid DNA and this ? the HTC One X.

Apple have had a similarly difficult time despite their dominance of the smartphone high-end market with their iPhone series.  The iPhone 5 was met with a lukewarm reception by industry analysts.  There is criticism labelled towards Apple that they failed to innovate and had produced a below power phone, taking advantage of their loyal customer base.

The phone had tremendous sales figures.  With 45 million plus phones sold in the fourth quarter of 2012.  This success was out of alignment with the reviews that were going on on the technical sites, putting the phone at 70 and 75 out of 100 compared to 85 and 90 of many of its rivals. iPhone 5 has ridden the Apple Brand wave and now is time to step up to the plate.

So, how do these two phones stack up?  Here is a brief look.

The Comparison

Both handsets sport a hind camera of 8 megapixels that is able to record 1080p video.  They both include auto-zoom, auto-focus, and a flash.  On the front, the HTC has a slightly better camera but it makes very little difference.  On the camera- all square.

The displays of the two phones are both superb.  The HTC produces super sharp images on a large 4.7-inch screen.  The iPhone screen, although larger than the iPhone 4 at 4 inches, is still much smaller than the HTC.  The philosophy of the two screens comes out in the experience.  The iPhone colours are much warmer, deeper, and vibrant; while the HTC display is typically realistic and natural.  Which screen you prefer is really down to your taste.

Appearance wise, the HTC is very big.  It is sturdy and has a polycarbonate unibody that looks and feels great.  The iPhone sticks to its iconic Apple design that has fared Apple so well in the previous series releases.  Both phones look premium, high-end, and definitely classy.

So, with the phones so difficult to split on specifications and look, which one is better?

The Verdict

The phones certainly are very similar on specifications and performance.  Which one you go for will likely depend on whether you want the Google Android platform or the Apple iOS.

Personally, I would go for the Apple just because of the iconic brand image.  I’m a sucker for the Apple logo.

Both phones perform well in a practical sense and the criticism labelled against Apple for this iPhone 5 is perhaps a little unjust when you actually get on the phone and experience it.  It does very well with fast, snappy, and enthralling performance.

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