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The John-E-Reader

According to a recent informal survey, approximately 82% of men read while in the bathroom. And increasingly, more and more are using their iPads or Kindles or other eReading devices. I certainly do. But bathroom design has not kept up with modern technology.


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I recently balanced my Kindle on the edge of the bathtub and it nearly fell in the water. This was the genesis of a simple idea – a special pocket for my Kindle or iPad. A nook for my Nook, if you will. 

I tested a few different prototypes and gave them to my in-laws over the holidays and have it posted as a current project on Indiegogo in two sizes – Standard and Jumbo (for the iPad and larger tablets).  

Sure, its silly. But its actually also quite useful and quite a handsome piece.


Kickstarter link here: http://kck.st/13EFrgh

And a link to a GIF of Joh-E-Reader in action:  http://i.imgur.com/WpYHIAa.gif

About the creator and writer of this post:

Chad Ruble; Brooklyn, NY

I love making stuff that’s whimsical as well as useful. I’m a former journalist turned inventor, the founder of Tapgram, a simple social messaging platform, and a happy dad of two. Guess where I like to read?

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