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The Most Downloaded Apps Of 2013 So Far

It is no question that the vast majority of the popular apps of 2013 are those that are free to download. Indeed, there are often some differences between operating systems; Apple apps tend to be somewhat expensive whereas most Android apps often remain free of charge. But there are certainly clear winners that have dominated the entire market as new crazes sweep the globe, whether it is the latest camera app or the hottest new competitive game.

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I’m sure that most people that concern themselves with the digital consumer market are aware of the substantial portion that is made up by apps that can be made and designed for next to nothing and utilise and exploit social media and networking to rapidly turn viral. For instance, the now famous story of a young teenager Nick D’Aloisio who desgined an app that condensed news articles into bitesize chunks and eventually sold the rights to the app to Yahoo for $30 million, shows just how easily this can be done.


Social media and networking make the campaign for an app to get noticed a thousand times easier; when someone likes an app they will share it with their friends and so on. It is no wonder then that the most downloaded app of 2013 so far is technically the Facebook app, with just under 500,000,000 installs since its creation. This essentially means that around 1/14 of the entire world’s population has downloaded this particular application at least one time in their life. Facebook has allowed people from any spot in the world to communicate, share pictures and videos and even chat face to face via the camera on their device – so it is no wonder that it is the most downloaded app of 2013 so far.


YouTube is another app that has had an ever growing presence in the technological market. It started off as a small website that allowed users to upload their own videos and literally ‘broadcast’ themselves to anybody who wanted to watch. Naturally, as technology improved and video capabilities entered the mobile phone market, YouTube eventually became a feature often automatically installed before a customer even turned on their new phone.


Instagram is rated to be in the top three apps downloaded in 2013, and for obvious reasons. Instagram allows users to take their own pictures, apply digital filters to them and to easily share them on a social networking site, or wherever they want. Instagram proved instantly popular with younger populations looking to express their creative sides and the amount of downloads and high ratings reflect this.

Angry Birds:

Though Angry Birds became especially popular in 2012, it still receives a high download tally and has been rendered as one of the most successful gaming apps of all time. It has now essentially become a brand that is recognised worldwide and its creator has signed partnerships with huge companies like Google and Twentieth Century Fox.


Snapchat is a more recent application, initially released in 2013, that has recently swept the nation with its unique idea of the user being able to send pictures to someone that can only be viewed for a certain amount of time before it disappears. However there have been recent controversies regarding the fact that these pictures were not always ‘deleted’ as it was claimed, but in fact stored in folders on the device’s hard drive. This soon hit the news and caused some substantial damage to the app, but its momentum and dismissal as a ‘laugh’ soon brought it back on its feet.


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