The Most Useful Apps for Almost Every Phone

If you’re a techno-geek, you probably have a phone that has the capability of doing everything but wash your car windows. And as soon has the waterproof upgrade comes along, you’ll have that app, too! Until then, in no special order, here are some of the most useful apps for cell phones:


For the iPhone:

1: JotNot Scanner Pro for the iPhone: This software replaces the need for a physical scanner peripheral. Load it up, install it, and never fail to send reports, copies or pics again. Just scan it into your smart phone, and email it. Presto Chango! It’s where it needs to go. So if you’re on the move and can’t find a fax or scanner, you’ll still save the day with the JotNot Scanner Pro.

2: Evernote: This free app provides an easy-use back-up to faulty memories or harried users. Grocery lists, errands list, packing lists, appointments, pics—any list or data set you need to track, Evernote can probably handle it. Easy file system keeps your lists organized, so you don’t lose track of your lists! Voice memos eliminate the need of typing a list, making Evernote a highly valuable but completely free phone app that everyone should consider. [This app has an Android version as well.]

3: WiFi Finder: Exactly as titled, this app will help you avoid bandwidth use on those oh-so-limited plans these days. While many smart phones generate a near-field hotspot, why escalate your cell bill? Instead, find someone else’s to use! WiFi Finder will find hotspots for you whether they’re free or a paid service, like an Internet cafe.

4: GoToMyPC: Link with your PC when you’re away from home. Retrieve or send any file, document, pic or other electronic data and know you have full accessibility and storage. Works with a Windows PC or a Mac!

For the Android:

5: The Weather Channel: No matter where you are or where you will be in the country, the Weather Channel app gives the most accurate weather information up to 36 hours into the future. Get forecast information, storm alerts and more—for free! [This app has an iPhone version as well.]

6: Voice Search: Both hands full? Driving and can’t tap or type? No problem with your Voice Search app. You can vocalize instructions and search the web, your phone and contacts list all without risking life and limb—for you or anyone else. This app is fantastic for the visually impaired. Never mistake a Braille symbol or tap the wrong spot: Use your voice instead. Be safe, Android fans.

7: CamScanner: You really didn’t think we’d list a cool app for iPhone and not check for an Android version, would you? CamScanner turns your phone cam into a digital scanner. Take a picture of any document or written platform—whiteboards, signs, receipts, sketches, notes and maps, for instance—and create a .pdf that you can keep in your phone or send off to another person or place. Out of 20,600 users who rated this app, it earned an amazing 4.4 average! Not too shabby at all! Note: Most dissatisfaction was with color capture.

While the list notes only iPhone and Android, most if not all of these apps have different iOS versions available.

This article’s author is Holly Miller, who writes for Coupon Croc. In the market for the latest phone with app support? Use Littlewoods discount codes and save on all the hottest electronics and gadgets when you shop online.

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