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The New Apple iPad

A much lighter and thinner iPad, this device is now qualitatively different and is arriving in stores on March 11. The new iPad has two built-in cameras; one for high-definition videos and photos on the back and one for video conference at the front. The device is also a lot faster than the first generation and is 33% thinner than the current iPad making the overall design extremely pretty!

The new iPad has been much improved internally as well including faster graphics; faster processor, HDMI full High Definition output, 720p HD camera on the back of the device and the frontal camera make it quite the technological gadget.


The new 25-watt battery life claims to be 10-hours on watching video, WiFi or even listening to music.

Precision editing and multi-track audio with iMovie

Promising precision video editing and multi-track audio recording, Apple has brought the new iMovie to the iPad which will also feature Airplay compatibility and the ability to export movies in High Definition.

Taking the full advantage of the added screen real estate, the new version of iMovie comes with a tweaked UI and with completely new themes. The home screen of iPad is made to look like a home theatre with previous projects displayed as thumbnails and theme templates displayed as movie posters.

The New Cover for iPad II

The new iPad also brought with it new accessories including its amazing new magnetic cover that flips back as a double to stand. Other new accessories also include an HDMI cable for mirroring your iPad on your television screen. As far as the old cover of iPad was concerned, it completely covered the beautiful design of the device; the new cover is not so. It protects the iPad and also helps in better viewing and propping up on the table. Also, whenever you shut the cover, your iPad is designed to go to sleep and whenever you’ll open the cover; your iPad will automatically wake up.

The New iPad-II in Black & White

Apple has also announced that the new iPad II will be available in black as well as white colors from the first day that is, March 11 and this new addition might be a good signal for the introduction of a white iPhone 5 this year!

Thinner than iPhone 4

The thickness of apple products has always been something to anticipate and then applause. Fitting in so many applications and features on a device that keeps getting thinner and thinner is not an easy job and the same can be said for the new iPad. The new iPad is 8.8 mm thick and if you don’t know exactly how thin that is, consider the current iPad which will be third thicker than the new iPad and iPhone 4 which will be half a millimeter thicker than the new iPad. That is how thin the new iPad really is!

The new Ipad II will be available this March 11 in the US; the WiFi model will cost $499, $599 and $699 for 16, 32 and 64 GB respectively.

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  1. This looks good, I expected it to be squarer in shape like the iphone 4 but they don’t seem to have gone that way. Not all that much more expensive either!

  2. I was waiting for HTC to come with a tablet, thinking that would be cheaper than a iPad. But I have to say that the price is shocking me. Apple is much cheaper, right?

  3. It’s a pretty slick machine, but I’m wondering if it can compete against the various Android tabs 🙂

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