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The new technologies for connecting with customers

The gadgets and the new technologies are helping companies to become more efficient. Especially the small business can grow faster than ever using the new tech.

Mobile marketing is the solution for both large and small companies to be connected with their customers.

Cellit Mobile Marketing make it easy for smaller clients to manage their own mobile marketing campaigns and monitor their results. It is so simple that if you can surf the web, you can launch mobile content.

Mobile marketing Services:

  • Studio. It allows for an endless number of mobile solutions.  It makes powerful mobile marketing and interactive tools easy and affordable, regardless of the size of your campaign.
  • House4Cell. It is an easy to use tool allowing real estate agents to send instant property information on any of their listings, directly to a homebuyer’s cell phone.  Pricing info, square footage, photos and more can all be sent through our simple backend system where you control the messages and can change them at anytime.
  • Alerts. You get real-time delivery of alerts and information.
  • Properties. It allows real estate brokers and condominium developers to offer instant information on properties, direct to the buyer, when he or she wants it. The user simply texts a short, 1-word code found on a condominium banner or in existing advertising.  And within seconds the prospective buyer receives up to two pages of property information and photos.
  • Recruiting. It is a powerful recruiting tool—providing instant access to job and employment information at the very moment of a user’s interest.

Also the mobile marketing uses Shortcodes. Short codes, also known as short numbers, are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, which can also be used to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile phones or fixed phones.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

According to a survey conducted by a mobile marketing provider, approximately 89% of major brands are planning to market their products through text and multimedia mobile messaging by 2008. One-third are planning to spend about 10% of marketing budgets through mobile marketing. Also, in about 5 years over half of brands are expected to spend between 5% and 25% of their total marketing budget on their mobile marketing. Already, 40% of the firms that responded have implemented this feature for their audiences.

What will and already has given mobile marketing’s attraction are: the ability to reach a specific target audience; information about how the user responded to a marketing message; and proof that a message has been received by the user’s handset.

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