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The new way to send and receive information by cell-phone text messaging

Have a website?

Make your content available by cell phone text messaging for free!

DOTGO is a new way to send and receive information by cell-phone text messaging. And it is free.

You can use DOTGO to read the news, check a train schedule, or track a package.

How it works?

1) the owner of any website (e.g. gadgets-club.com) can create a file called "index.cmrl" on their website written in CMRL, a very simple HTML-like language;

2) anyone with a cell phone can immediately send a text message containing the domain name (e.g. "gadgets-club.com") to the phone number 368266 (means "DOTCOM" on a normal phone keypad). In a few seconds they’ll get a text message response back to their phone with the content described in the index.cmrl file (this is the domain name’s "SMS site").

Its a quick and easy way for anyone.

You can view a short tutorial about how DOTGO works on the documentation page.

But what if your domain is not a .com?

No problem because DOTGO also works for .edu, .gov, .net, and .org, you just need to use DOTEDU (368338), DOTGOV (368468), DOTNET (368638), and DOTORG (368674).

DOTGO benefits:

* it is completely free to use for both websites and end users. The only cost is the cost of sending and receiving text messages. Users will not receive any text messages from web sites that they didn’t explicitly request.

* every domain name already has a default SMS site.

* every SMS site is completely customizable by the domain name owner just by creating a file called "index.cmrl" on the domain’s web site.

* it works with almost every cell phone in the US


On the website http://dotgo.com/how_to_use/interactive/ you can try their service. For example: text "digg" to DOTCOM (368266) to read news stories from Digg.com., text "wikipedia" + a search term to DOTORG (368674) to get excerpts from wikipedia.org (Ex: "wikipedia dog".)

Cool isn’t it?

More good news for website owners the DOTGO Advertising program

Anyone with an SMS site can optionally include short SMS advertisements in their content and get ad revenue every time someone texts their SMS site.

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