The only watch that show the real time the Now watch

Now watch sows the real time the hi-tech LCD display shows NOW.


It is a very good gadget if you want to remember to live the moment.

It is also a good gift for the ones that lives in the past or thinks at the future too much.

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  1. That watch looks interesting but I think it’ll stay a fad… (it won’t be “popular” long term). It has quite the futuristic style though!

  2. his watch looks great but it’s not at all useful, ay?

  3. USB memory watch

    @Mike – not at all useful is right, but that thing is hilarious! I’d totally rock it, just WAITING to hear someone ask “do you have the time?”. Yes… Its now.

    On the other end of things, GearCrave just reviewed this killer USB memory watch that tells time AND stores 2 gigs of memory… pretty damn cool if you ask me. Which one should I buy first? That one, or the NOW watch? Hahahahaha. Great post.

  4. LMAO – this makes it REAL easy to synchronize watches…

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