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The Top 5 Techie Gadgets That Help Make Surgical Healthcare More Efficient

When it comes to performing surgical procedures, nothing is more essential than the prevention of errors. In fact, it is unfortunate that surgery mistakes take place at least 4,000 times per year in the United States, based on research conducted from Johns Hopkins University. Patients put their lives in the hands of surgeons only to have inaccuracies happen and their lives put in jeopardy. With that being said, there must be ways for surgeons to eradicate these surgical disasters. Fortunately, there are with the development of updated technical surgical devices, and here are five of them.


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#1: Google Glass
The surgical optical head-mounted Google Glass provides surgeons the ability to operate in a smart-phone, hands-free style with its voice-command capabilities. Ideal for the trauma surgeons, Google Glass is the effective way for surgeons to immediately obtain critical information, checklists, and reminders pertaining to injury categories, therefore, successfully and efficiently saving lives. Take an individual who has just been admitted to the emergency department for multiple stab wounds for example. With the Google Glass, the surgeon can utilize the voice commands to obtain a checklist with vital questions to ask the paramedic either upon or before the arrival of the ambulance. The surgeon can even make use of the device high-tech features during the surgery procedure to increase the likelihood of a promising life-saving surgery.

#2: Tug Robots
As we all know, hospitals are filled with doctors, nurses, patients add their family members, and other staff bumping into each other and crowding the hallways. What better way to decrease the hospital traffic than to bring in the Tug Robots as employees. That is right! Eliminate some of the staff and let the Tug Robots deliver the patients’ drugs, linens and meals, and cart away medical waste, soiled linens, and trash. With the hospital’s Wi-Fi and using radio waves, these intelligent Tug robots can avoid bumping into people or blocking their paths, stand back from elevators and even use them, and open doors. The utilization of these robots can even decrease hospital errors through the elimination of mental disturbances that result in high human traffic.

#3: Smoke Evacuators
During surgeries, there is always a chance that surgery pens can become a smoke hazard. As a solution, smoke evacuators are extremely effective in the quiet and automatic removal of smoke when the pen is activated. An alternative device is the Surgical Smoke ZIP Pen. Instead of the bulky smoke evacuator, the pen provides a two-in-one feature of the surgical pen and smoke evacuator all in one.

#4: Stretchable Electronic Sensor
It has been reported that surgeons leave foreign objects inside their patients at least 39 times per week. The Stretchable Electronic Sensor offers a wonderful resolution for this detrimental error. With one of the foreign objects being scalpels, the electronic sensor decreases this disastrous surgical error with its main attribute being a replacement in scalpels and other operating room tools. Surgeons are now able to feel electronic activity and slice tissue with their fingertips. The surgical room is a safer place with the utilization of this fingertip electronic surgical slicer.

#5: Battery-activated Microscopic Germ-killing Device
In anything related to joint surgery, there is always a chance of the patient getting an infection after surgery. What is the solution? It is a battery-activated microscopic germ-killing device. After the procedure, the surgeon will apply a low-intensity electrical charge to a silver titanium implant where the battery-activated device will initiate an army of microscopic germ-killers to fight off any potential bacterial infections.

When it comes to surgery, it is extremely vital that patients’ lives are protected. After all, they are putting their trust in surgeons to successfully change and save their lives. With the use of modern surgical technical gadgets, surgeons are following through with their chief mission, and that is to save and change lives one person at a time!

By Lizzie Weakley


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