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The Top 5 Telephone Handsets

In recent telecommunications news it was revealed that along with Cisco Unified Communications, Avaya are one of the world’s leaders in IDC’s mobile unified communications report.

Cisco are one of the most recognisable names in telecoms, however, other major players such as NEC, Aastra, Siemens, ShoreTel and Microsoft were trailing behind Avaya in the qualitative and quantitative independent assessment by IDC.

With the recent market report placing, how do their IPT handsets compare?

Avaya Handset

Avaya have made some of the most functional and competitively priced phone handsets available on the market. For a great value mid-range IPT handset, the Avaya 1616i IP Telephone is a good example of a very functional phone (16 programmable buttons, LCD Screen, IP compatibility) at an affordable price.


Cisco IPT Handset

Cisco has a reputation for being notoriously expensive. With their proprietary systems, their phone and feature licensing costs and their top of the range handsets, Cisco is often seen as the expensive option. However, in recent times Cisco have been fighting hard to introduce more affordable, cost effective mid-range IPT handsets, and their Cisco 6921 model is one of the most affordable.

Mitel IPT Handset

The Mitel 5010 IP Telephone is one of the most affordable IPT handsets out there on the market at the moment. With full 10/100 Mbps IP Ethernet compatibility and LCD screen, this phone handset is a really cost effective alternative to the usual IP phones on the market. However, features do come at a cost for the greater affordability with no speakerphone facility like the Cisco 6921 and only 7 multi-function keys as opposed to the 16 on the Avaya handset.

Siemens Handset

The Siemens Gigaset DE380 IP (Voice over IP Phone) is another great value IP handset. Boasting High Definition sound and performance, the Siemens handset utilises the IPT system to provide networked telephony with an LCD screen and all the usual features such as IP phone directory access and programmable keys.

NEC Handset

NEC is of the less popular but no less functional IP phone manufacturers. One of their best mid-range IPT handsets is the NEC DT710 with its 6 key LCD display and full network compatibility.

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