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The Truth About Free SIM Cards

I have seen a lot of get Free SIM Cards offers lately so I have decided to find out if they are for real.


My first observation was that the free cards were offered by large companies like: Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tesco Mobiles, O2, Orange and 3 Mobile. This means there was no scam evolved.

But are they really free?

In our society there are no free launches because everything has a price (resources, money or time). The Free SIM Cards are as “free” as they can be – when you see the world “free” read it as “bonus”.

Let me give you an example: when you buy a pack of foods winch says 20% free it actually means you get a 20% bonus on your purchase. With the free SIM cards the situation is the same like in our food example: you will get the card as a bonus(for free) when you buy something from that company.

Usually you will get a fee SIM when you purchase credits. I got a free SIM from my provider when I signed up for a monthly plan.

Using a SIM card has some great advantages:

  • no long term contracts – just 30 days notice if you need to cancel. You will have maximum freedom this way.
  • you usually get more minutes and texts than contract phones. For just £10 you will get 100 minutes and 500 text messages(the offer may vary of course)
  • affordable prices for international calls
  • you can get exactly the credit you need and if you have miscalculated your need for minutes and SMSs you can easily recharge the card
  • very easy to use: just insert the SIM in you phone and you are ready to go
  • you get free delivery when you buy online
  • most providers offer 7-day returns policy guarantee for your peace of mind

What to choose

There are many offers to choose from and you must know what you need to choose the right one for you.

Right now the best offer is Tesco SIM Cards. They offer a free SIM card plus they will triple your credit. Tesco also offers free monthly bonus of 500 texts or 150 minutes, when you top up £15 a month and also Half-price calls and texts to your 5 favorite UK numbers.

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  1. Dr Delaram Hanookai

    wow, It’s really informative, I never knew about it, It’s really true. Thanks for such a informative post.

  2. Using SIM cards does have its benefits, but they are almost never free. You’re right about that – they are usually a bonus in an offer. Unfortunately my phone carrier doesn’t use SIM cards so I have to get a whole phone instead of just switching a card. -Josh

  3. When they say it’s a free world, it’s not really true. You even have to pay for water, what makes anyone think that a sim card is free. There is always a catch, be wary.

  4. Great offer and thanks for sharing with us. There are many advantages of using SIM card. The other advantage of a SIM card is being able to pop it out of one phone and into another and be good to go.

    Best Regards,

  5. when it is free. it must be free for something.

  6. Yes, getting a SIM card is never for free, you just gets some bonuses. Sometimes it really helpful if you need some particular bonus for a certain period of time. After that the monthy fee becomes quite high. Thanks God, you can always cancel the agreement at any time.

  7. multifunction laser printer

    My mother always told me: “There is no Free in life. No one will give you free presents” 🙂

  8. As you say, the word free is useda lot in marketing and as you say, nothing is ever free as there is always a cost and a motive behind the promotion….

    However, the idea of this kind of deal is good and does have benefits.

  9. Peluang Perniagaan

    nothing free in this world

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