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The Wand TV Remote Control

Want to feel like a magician in front of your TV? Get yourself The Wand TV Remote Control.

The Wand TV Remote Control  The Wand TV Remote Control2

This is a fun gadget. You will sit in front of the TV and instead of using the regular remote control you will use you your new magic wand.

You can use it to surprise and have fun with your friends. 🙂

The Wand TV Remote Control features:

  • The Wand Remote Control allows you to control remote devices with a swish.
  • Most devices that use a remote control can be manipulated with the wand – TVs, Hi-Fis etc.
  • Can control multiple devices, not limited to one.
  • 13 commands in total can be learned by the Wand.
  • Programme the wand by putting it in learning mode, performing an action and pressing the corresponding key on the remote control.
  • Learns via infrared codes from remote control.
  • Comes packaged in its own beautifully decorated case.

The Wand TV Remote Control costs £49.99and it is available at IWantOneOfThose.com.

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  1. i don`t see it why ? we have remote controls .. why this type?

  2. Sound just like the one I’m currently using, but mine is far more superior. It can control autos and get robots from afar to do your every bidding. haha Well, I’d want one of those.

  3. haha very cool, feel like harry potter in your own living room 🙂

  4. What is the need for such remote controls? this is too long and bulky.

  5. Nice post and thanks for sharing with us. I have used it. The “Magic Wand” remote control futures give a more natural control experience when using products such as the TV and design is also sophisticated.

    Best Regards,

  6. This is one of the coolest things featured so far on your site! I am definitely going to wait for the price to go down so I can get one. Regards!

  7. Interesting bagatelle! Together with it you start to turn to Harry Potter! Only here interest to a similar thing can arise only at children or at adult admirers of books about Harry Potter.

    Forgive me for my English – while it at me is bad enough!

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