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TheSmartLocal.com – A revolutionary review site

I think the problem most people find with reviews sites is – can we really trust the reviews? Because reviews are publicly submitted, they aren’t very credible. We were really impressed when we stumbled upon this new tech site in Asia.

It is called TheSmartLocal.com. And reviews are done by invitation only. You have to be a blogger, writer or someone with a traceable identity and following online to be eligible to write on the site. This completely nullifies the problem review websites have with anonymous reviews. It may have started slow but after a year they have over 17,000 high quality reviews already! A pretty impressive feat.

Another great thing about the site? It is reviewed by locals in their own country. Yes! No more silly tourists telling you what the best things to do are when they have only ever been to the place once. So far they have a Singapore portal and Malaysian Reviews as well.

Keep a close eye on this site.

By Ana

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