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Tips for Buying Gadgets as Presents

Hi 🙂 Starting form today we have a new guest writer: Adrienne. She wrote the article Tips for Buying Gadgets as Presents. I like it and I hope you will like it too.

Tips for Buying Gadgets as Presents

If your friends and family members are gadget freaks, there is absolutely no problem in finding apt gifts for them during birthdays, anniversaries and the holiday season. There are so many gadgets out there, some of which are useful and others that are just for novelty and frivolity. All you need is a little ingenuity when it comes to gadget shopping for your loved ones, and if you’re looking for a few tips to help you in this department, read on:

· Know their preferences: When you are looking for gadgets as gifts, it is important that you buy according to the preference of the people you are shopping for rather than your own. While you may like one kind of device, they may prefer another, so it is their choice that you must go with. If you are unsure of their preference, ask someone close to them or just go with your instincts.

· Do a little research: It’s best to get something that the person does not already have, especially if the device is on the expensive side. So do a little research in finding out if your loved one already owns the gadget – if they do, think of an accessory as a present, and if they don’t, then your original gift idea stays on course.

· Don’t take the expensive route: When it comes to buying gadgets as gifts, it is best not to spend too much money on them. For one, if it is not to the other person’s liking, they may exchange it. And for another, they may already have a similar device and your gift may remain unused. Also, at the rate that technology is developing, gadgets tend to become obsolete very fast. So when you spend too much money on something that is going to be thrown away in the near future, it is a total waste.

· Don’t wait too long: Gadgets are in fashion for a very short while before they are replaced by the newer models, so if you’re buying them as presents, you need to be in the moment and grab them when they’re hot. If you wait till they are relegated to a tiny corner of the market before you buy them as gifts, they may not make much of an effect.

No doubt gadgets make great gifts; just don’t expect them to be used forever!

This guest article was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes on the topic of accredited online degrees . Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: adrienne.carlson1@gmail.com

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  1. Wine of Month Club

    I think knowing your gift receiver is one of the most important things we all can do for any gift…gadgets make that even more important.

  2. Good advice, but sometimes I think its ok to get an expensive gadget if your sure they are guna use it for a long time. For instance I know my Ipod touch is way more expensive than alot of the mp3 players out there but its got alot more features. Ive already been using it for over a year and i’m not planning on getting a new mp3 player any time soon so its worth the extra money instead of having a regular mp3 player to me.

  3. Buying gadgets as gifts is a difficult one. If you get it right then it will be greatly appreciated, if you get it wrong the gadget may remain unused as you say. It would be best to ask the person what they would like, but this obviously takes away the surprise. You could try to drop it casually into a conversation and not let on that you are intending to buy said item as a gift.

  4. Shopping for gadgets is challenging and not only as a gift. But, whenever i am shopping for a gadget for a friend I try to buy a colorful gadget, or I try to personalize it; in such a way it’s a special gift and i’ll know for sure that he won’t give it back 🙂

  5. Your post really surprised for me and I come to buying gadgets as gifts as soon….. And no doubt preferences of the people are shopping gadgets as gift.


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  7. When it comes to buying gadgets as gifts, it is best not to spend too much money on them.

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