If you are happen to get notified with a weak signal from your windows, it reveals that your wireless connection is not as reliable or as fast as it could be. There are chances that you may loose the entire connection in some areas of your firm or house. To enhance the performance and the range of wireless connectivity, it is advisable to adopt the following tips.

Try to keep your wireless router in the center of your house or business firm so as to receive the same range of signals everywhere. If the router is placed against a wall of the house, the signal may get weak on the other side of the wall. If you cannot replace the router, you need not worry since many ways are there to improve the connectivity. Also it is better to keep your router away from the obstructions like metals, floors, walls etc. so as to avoid the occurrences of interferences.

Try to adjust the antennas of the router so as to get Omni directional signals from them i.e. signal broadcasting from all directions. If the router is outside, most of the signals from the antennas will be sent outside and the power of the router will be wasted. If you want to get the signals in one direction alone, it is better to opt for Hi-Gain antenna. Place the antenna in the direction where you need the most.

Some times the routers may send the enough signals to the computer and the computer may not. To avoid these situations, it is preferable to use an USB network adapter called Hi-Gain Wireless adapter which uses an external antenna for this purpose. But this is not required for laptops since they have excellent built in antennas.

You can even add a wireless repeater to your network which simply extends the range of connectivity without any wiring. Wireless repeater should be placed in the half way between the computer and the wireless access point which will boost the network connectivity. The broadcast of wireless router is on a number of different channels. Sometimes, one channel may be observed clearer than the other. So, just change the channel and observe the performance of the new channel in the router’s configuration page. You need not have to change the configuration of the computer, since the new channel is automatically detected.

If you are using any other wireless devices like cordless phones in your home, it may cause some of the interference problems in your connectivity. Rather than cordless phones of with a frequency 2.4 GHz, try to use the cordless with a frequency 5.8 GHz. It may reduce the wireless interference to some extent. Keep updating the firmware of your wireless router by visiting the site of your manufacturer. Windows communicate with the network adapter through software called driver which should also be updated.

It is preferable to pick all the equipments of a network from the same vendor. Usually the performance gets boosted when you use the software and hardware of the same vendor. Try to replace the most common 802.11b by 802.11g. This 802.11g is extremely faster with backward compatibility. So, follow all the above mentioned tips to keep your wireless network more efficient and reliable.

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  3. Use the XP network wizard. The two computers must belong to the same workgroup, so you need to set up the second computer with the same workgroup name. Then turn your attention to the wireless connection for which you need to know the name of the network and the password (these are not the same as the router user name and password unless you set them to be the same).

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