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Toothpick Holders

Toothpick Holders

We just love it when funky designers get their hands on everyday objects and let rip. The Ouch! Toothpick holders are the result of a twisted imagination gone wild (which we’re all for), and is a fantastic alternative to the norm. Although they’re meant to be for toothpicks, we reckon this pair make the most original and trendy canape holders on the planet. So whether you’re picking your teeth, passing round the quails eggs or some retro ‘cheese and pineapple’ sticks, this pair of Ouch! are set to be the most talked about drinks party accessory of the year. It’s painfully funny.

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  1. There’s a bigger one that stands up and is a knife holder. It’s a lot more expensive though, like $80.

  2. Cute but also a bit eerie… just like a voodoo doll..a great way to drag attention…

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