Top 30 free Apps of iPhone in 2012

Lots of apps are available on the market for iPhone. In-fact every day hundreds of free apps are joining in the list. Let us see some free apps. Also you can Download these top 5 free iphone apps for job searching.


1. IMDb

This app is a best one for a movie bug. You can know all the latest happenings in movie world, about the release date of the movie, new releases, reviews, ratings and theater list. Also you can search movies based on genre.

2. AoI Radio

This allows you to access 200 radio stations around US. Using AoI any one choose their favorite station to hear their favorite songs and pod casts. This is one of the best available Radio apps.

3. Sports Tap

This is for a sports freak. This helps you to know what is happening in MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, Golf and Racing. You can know the schedule, scores, squads, transfer, injury news and also any recent press releases.

4. Bump

It is for connecting two mobiles for file transfer. This helps us to transfer data from one mobile to another mobile without wired connection. Hold your mobiles and bump gently for transferring.

5. Dragon Dictation

This is best app for typing. Just say the word; it will be displayed on the screen. Many will be lazy to type messages or frequent typing will make our fingers paining, so this app will be useful to eliminate these problems.

6. Evernote

It is for creating audio, video, text notes and we can synchronize with the Mac or pc. Many of us have the habit of making notes in mobile, mostly we will take text notes but this app will allow us to take notes on all media.

7. Fring

It lets you to make free audio and video calls. A famous mobile app used widely for making free online video and audio calls. So you can do video chat with your friends or family from any part of the world.

8. ShopSawy

ShopSavvy barcode scanner is a best companion for shopaholics. It is used for making comparisons between the products, so that we can buy the best product based on the quality and price.

9. Facebook

The virtual world is in your hand. Facebook is a social networking site which connects billions of people. Using this app you can access your Facebook account easily and quickly. Even if you are travelling, you can be connected with your friends. I think no need to tell anything more about this app.

10. Google Mobile

You can search anything using this app. Google is the biggest resource guide, so using that anyone can search and view any details in the net. You can just spell the word or sentence to know.

11. Google Earth

This is best for travelers; they can view the maps and also the related data to the map. They can search cities, places and direction. Using this you can also see hotels for stay and food, gasoline and vehicle repair shops, helpline and lots more.

12. Skype

Another app for making calls and for sending messages, it is widely used for video calls also. Millions of people are using this app for making video calls. It comes with lot of features.

13. Photoshop

You can edit all your photos using this app. It comes with all basic photo editing features. Definitely a best app for iPhone, in which you can adjust color, brightness, frames, focus changes and lots more.

14. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List

You can cook some delicious dishes you this app. It has more than 1000 recipes. You can also save the shopping list, hotel list in this app. It also allows you to email the recipes.

15. iTV

It gives a complete guide to TV listings and movie listings. Using this you can know the timings of the TV programs and also it provides theater guide, so based on that you can adjust your schedule.

16. Shazam

Best app for music lovers. You can hear all songs, you can track all new music albums and also you can buy albums. This is the best place for buying music albums.

17. TuneWiki

This allows you to enjoy your favorite song with a subtitle of lyrics. Most of us love other language songs even though we don’t the lyrics. Using this we can know the lyrics of all the songs. Subtitle is available for 40 plus languages.

18. Amazon Mobile

This is official app from amazon. Amazon is the biggest online retailers, so you can find all the products in single site. So this will be very useful to buy the product. You can do mobile shopping using this app from anywhere.

19. Kindle

This app is for reading books on your iPhone. Most of us don’t get time to read, but using this app we can read books on the move when we are free. You can buy books from amazon kindle.

20. Around Me

This gives complete information about the surroundings. Around me is the best available app on the market. This tells you about the hotels, station, shopping centers, taxi cab and also map facility is available.

21. Pandora Radio

Pandora is a famous app among radio lovers. You can save some of your favorite stations and you can hear it. You can save more than 50 stations.

22. InstaPaper

You can read your favorite blog, articles, posts and it allows you to save the webpage for offline reading. It’s a very easy process to make a webpage of a post or article. This will be very useful for blog and article readers

23. NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire allows you to read news from all the news websites. This syncs with Google Reader and lets you read news from millions of blogs and websites.

24. Remote

You can control your TV or computer from your iPhone or iPad. This makes your mobile as a multipurpose device.

25. Slacker Radio

You can hear 100 stations from this app and also you can create your own app. This is also one of the radio app which allows to hear more stations.

25. Sugar Sync

It is used for accessing files from PC and we can view or edit that in your iPhone. This app saves lot of time by connecting very quickly to the pc.

26. Mocha VNC Lite

You can access a VNC server and connect to a home computer to see the files, applications and resources like you would on a desktop. So you can do all your works on those files.

27. Waze

This is social navigation app to find the locations and also to know about the traffic condition in the place. This will give you the accurate direction for the location.


Best place to find the meanings for the words. This app contains tons of words. It also gives lot of other details related to the words.

29. Dropbox

Using this app you can sync your files with all desktop computers. This will work only with dropBox service only. This will make our work very easy.

30. Stanza

Being the most promising alternate of kindle, iPhone or iPod touch has always catered to its users with full satisfaction. Stanza enables to download your favorites books, available in many titles on various sources, with easiness and also allows transfer your ePub, PDF or eReader titles from the desktop app.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a bluetooth speakers. These days she is busy in writing an article on headphones iPod dock.

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  1. skype, facebook, google earth, photoshop are apps that I advice every person who has an iphone to use.

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