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Top 5 Android Apps for Developers

Android is a mobile ecosystem from Android Inc., which was subsequently acquired by Google. This is an open source mobile operating system based on which any enthusiastic developer can build his/her own apps which can be downloaded, installed and used by the Smartphone users.

Like how the end users are being advised to download certain must-have Android apps, even developers too should have certain Android apps that can harness their developing skills and improve the productivity. Let us see 5 such top Android apps for developers:

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  1. Dexplorer

At times, inspiration or improvisation works better than invention. Some of the greatest architectural wonders like Taj Mahal have found their inspirations from humble structures. Similarly, a great app need not be built from scratch and but can be made with by getting ignited by an existing but not-so-useful app.

Dexplorer is a useful app for the serious developers and can help them in two ways i.e. (1) to verify whether their app’s .apk file is obfuscated or not; and (2) to peep into somebody’s app’s source code. Dexplorer can list all the apps available on an Android phone and can decompile them to show the source code of the .dex java files. As told earlier, this is for serious developers and not for all.

  1. Magic Color Picker

Colors and shades are the primary attractions for the users to checkout on any app. Hence developers attach lot of importance in decorating their apps with appealing color schemes. Magic Color Picker is a free app for developers and can come handy to pick and apply different colors for their apps. Magic Color Picker has a color wheel and by moving the cursor on different parts of the wheel, developers can get the colors, shades etc.

  1. AndFTP

If you have to access different servers to create new files/folders or rename the existing ones or simply wish to upload or download certain files, you can do it easily by installing AndFTP app. This app can provide seamless access to those servers through your smartphone. It supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols and this app is absolutely free.

  1. SQLite Debugger

This app works great for those committed Android apps developers who want to work seamlessly and without hassles like slow debugging or unable to look into the database while debugging. SQLite Debugger is a free app for a developer that which helps them in carrying out a speedy debugging of the databases. Raw queries can be run to have a visual inspection of the schemes of the databases. This app generates paginated results for each query run thus helping the developers in browsing through the information with ease.

  1. FX File Explorer

Another highly useful app for the developers, FX File Explorer helps the developers to look into the values of shared preferences, which the developers generally use to store the values of their apps. This tool also helps the developers to look in to the private folders of their apps and ensure that the files stored there are protected and cannot easily be read by others.

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