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Top 5 Gadgets that Make Your Car Safer

The safety of automobiles has increased dramatically over the last few decades. Modern electronics and software are still improving the different safety features. Drivers now have a wide selection of different options available. Five gadgets will make any car safer while on the roads.

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Diagnostic Devices

One of the newer gadgets that will help to make cars safer is a digital diagnostic device that can plug into new cars. The device hooks into the 16-pin port connected to the computer in the vehicle. The device can scan the car and tell the owner whether there are any problems with the different systems. This can catch dangerous problems that need repairs before the car is on the road.

Blind Spot Sensors

Blind spot sensors are attached to the outside of the car and connect to a panel or monitor on the dashboard. The sensors could be cameras or another type of non-visual detector. Some sensors are on rear view mirrors. The sensors warn drivers when an object is in the blind spot that cannot be seen. This helps to avoid collisions with stationary objects and to track smaller vehicles on the highway.

Exterior Cameras

A number of safety gadgets rely on external cameras to make cars safer. Rear view cameras provide images of what is directly behind the car. Night vision cameras transmit enhanced images to the dashboard so the driver has extended visibility in low light conditions. Parking assist systems use a combination of cameras and sensors to direct a vehicle into a parking space. All of these gadgets that use external cameras improve safety and prevent accidents.

Lane Departure Sensors

A lane departure sensor is a gadget mounted under the vehicle. The sensor keeps track of the different lane markers that are common on paved roads and highways. The sensors can signal the driver if the car starts to drift out of a lane without accompanying wheel movements. Some sensors will even actively move the car back into the lane. Lane departure sensors can minimize serious accidents that might require the help of an Oregon injury attorney.

Voice Activation Systems

Several gadgets allow drivers to activate or change different systems in the car through voice commands. This means drivers can turn the air conditioning or radio on or off by just speaking instead of fumbling for a dial. Voice activation systems are safest when used to control features of the vehicle and not when used to make calls or check messages.

Gadgets that add to safety are just one part of remaining safe. Drivers need to pay attention to the roads and use good driving practices. The combination of a prepared driver and gadgets will provide maximum safety.

Article by Hannah Whittenly

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