Top 5 reasons of using CRM software for your business

CRM solutions have already become inevitable part of a business; unless you are a one-shop store and wish to remain so for unforeseeable future.


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All of us know the benefits of CRM software. Yes…yes you are right. But let’s elaborate them a bit.

Below are the five powerful reasons. Sneak a peek into them.

1. Store, organize and manage your customer profile efficiently

How it would be to carry everything within the god-given head? Sounds great; because then no one can steal anything; and there won’t be any need of related cost of documentation. But that really does not happen in reality. Does that?

Customer data is something that any business would swear by. They can break or make a deal. You need to guard them so that can be used when needed. And the best way to do that is by maintaining a customer relationship management system. You can always store them offline, away from wind-like virtual world; however that would make them least accessible when you are in need of them.

2. Know more about existing customers

We never forget a customer once the deal is complete. Do we? Never! But just remembering them won’t really help. Best way to remember them is by doing repeated business with them. And how can you do that? By knowing what they need, when they need and how they need. That means understanding the further business opportunities with them.

How about making follow-up calls in regular interval? Well, it’s really good and sounds emotional but follow-up calls on-their-own are not fool-proof. They should be backed by solid understanding of need. Relations build up when you pleasantly remind your customers that you remember their need.

3. Stay connected with others in your business

You can always write long notes and build endless tables and keep on sharing them with team-mates. They can never yield enough connectedness. However, remaining on the same page with team-mates makes the job easy for all.

The best way is to share information on a common platform where things are already connected, like CRM system. These systems make job easier for salespeople; they are updated with recent business figures. On the other hands, back-office guys also remain on same page on what are being offered to customers and what could implications on business processes. So, when need, one can easily connect with others; and keep things from blowing out of proportions.

4. Efficient way of forecasting and planning

For forecasting and planning we need correct data and conviction. For the latter, CRM software can really do nothing; but it can help to streamline the data. Everything will be on the fingertip, instead of remaining on lost sticky notes. You will never feel alone or estranged on those periodic meetings where plans are planned.

5. Move from salesman based process to system-backed process

Salesmen-back businesses always run the risk of over-dependency on people. You cannot afford that in today’s tough world. No amount of remuneration can assure you safety. Besides, you also end up spending more than needed to safeguard your business from sales volatility.

Only way out is to make build a process which will gradually systematize the sales and servicing process. It’s never easy and you might feel it’s never possible outdated proficiency of a good sales manager. But with process oriented approach you can at least counter volatility related to human resources.

Believe, you are still not skeptic! Nobody today deny usage of CRM… question is of finding the right CRM for your business. Select companies that are Microsoft partner as they are trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable.

Authors Bio: Author’s Bio: Rickey is a software developer and also working on as a crm consultant. He has written many articles on several topics like computer recycling, some essential ERP software and many more. In this piece, he describes the top 5 reasons of using CRM software for any business.

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