Top 5 Things We Wished Android Did Better

Android is officially the world’s most used OS – that was determined in the last quarter of 2012 when market research put the official figure at 64% market share. It’s safe to say that Android is the world’s most widely used mobile operating system – but what criticisms do its users have?


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Lack of Pinch Zoom in Gmail

Gmail on Android currently has 425 million users and Gmail as an email platform is pretty dominant. However, there are a few things that regular users wish that the app did better. Number one is the lack of pinch zoom in the Gmail platform, which is only one of a litany of problems that users seem to encounter when trying to view their emails on their phone.

Other problems include awkward scrolling from-side-to-side to read the email, and difficulty selecting portions of the email text. However, the app has recently been updated to include the facilities to reply to and archive your emails right from the notification. You can also set notification alerts for different people.

The Google Play Store

Word on the web is that Android fans wish that the Google play store itself was easier to navigate. Surely the world’s leading search company would find a way to make their apps searchable by important categories such as ‘rating’, ‘release date’, and other important tags.

The latest update to the store includes a colourful layout, and more clarity between the ‘open’ and ‘install’ buttons. Google have stated that their focus for the improved store is on usability and easy navigation.

No Easy Backup

One of the most useful features of iOS is the automatic backup of everything on the phone once you sync the device. There is no such automatic function on Android devices, meaning that it’s a lot harder to keep hold of your precious photos and videos, should your phone suddenly decide to conk out. Android TV USBs such as the MK808B Android TV do come with built-in storage. Some have suggested that Google could solve this by providing a Cloud storage linkup.

The Slow Dialer App

Now, the most important thing a phone should be able to do is make phone calls. However, many Android users have reported that their dialer app has a lag time that sometimes makes dialing and hanging up a bit harder than it should be. Sort it out Android! If this is affecting you, then try an alternative dialer app such as exDialer and Contacts, Swipe Dialer Free, or Dialer One.

Google has already started to roll out cloud-based tools for syncing data across gaming apps and notifications. Let’s hope that this is a sign of good things to come for Android backup options. It’s interesting to note that there are rumours that only 10% of Android devices are running a new version of the OS even six months after its release. Let’s see if Android succeeds in fine-tuning its platform to meet the growing needs of the many, many new fans who will be buying Android-supporting devices in the next few months.

Kate Lipton is a freelance writer from London who loves to keep up with all the latest technology trends.

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