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Top Android Apps to keep a Track of your Business Expenses

Keeping a track of business expenses is essential to identify the areas where you can cut costs, based on this information adjustments can be performed on various business operations. This information is also quite useful for tax purposes. In traditional tracking method you need to maintain records and diaries to record your business expenses, spread sheets, software programs and you need to have some separate backup system to store all these data, the hassle of entire process can now be removed easily with various business tracking applications on your Android device. The following are the top Android applications which help in keeping a track of your business expenses:


Expensify: This app is intend to handle business expense reports, also scans log purchases, receipts and all your expenses. You can even turn your android phone to scanner just by capturing picture of your receipts. You can even submit expense reports that contain added GPS tracking. Some highlights of this are:

  • Reimbursed directly to banking account
  • Extracts information about merchant, amount and date just by scanning the image
  • Syncs with QuickBooks

Trade accounting: This app is quite useful for small business accounting; it holds information on all the basic business operations such as customer orders, payments, invoices, incomes and expenses. Produce inventory history for a particular time period. Users can use camera to capture images and use as a barcode scanner tool. Some highlights of this are:

  • Advanced product search
  • Store data in Google docs and later acts as a backup
  • Estimate invoices

ProOnGo: This app makes both managing your business expenses and sorting out them much easier, it even manages your individual expenses and creates your expenditure report without typing. This app reads receipts, saves that data and archives the initial receipt images. Some highlights are:

  • Exports reports in various formats
  • Receipt reader
  • Support multiple currency exchange
  • Syncs with QuickBooks

Expense IT: This is one of the great business app for tracking expenses, time, payment and mileage. This app allows viewing data and exporting them in a variety of formats for example as CSV exports or PDF reports. Some highlights of this app are:

  • Multinational currency support
  • Mileage tracking
  • Payment management
  • Manages different clients features like bill increments, bill rates etc.

MoBill Budget and Reminder: This app combines features of both budgeting and bill reminder apps; this is great app to track your incomes and bills. This app lets you set bill reminders for various kinds of bills such as payday loans, credit card or mortgage payments. You can use various categories that are predefined or can add your own to set your incomes and bills. Some highlights of this app are:

  • Presents incomes and bills in a weekly, monthly or annual periods
  • Inbuilt calculator
  • Backup data to Dropbox and copy into Google calendar
  • Reports can be viewed in graphs

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