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Top Car Gadgets for Christmas 2010

Tom Tom Go Live 1000


The sat nav is probably the ultimate gadget for any car owner- never again will you get lost down obsolete country roads or get stuck in traffic jams. The Tom Tom Go Live manages to keep its recognisable icons but has revolutionised the way you can create routes and display your favourite features. The thing that sets the Go Live 1000 apart from any other sat nav is its HD Traffic service. If you’re a commuter (or a general motorist) and want to avoid traffic queues like the plague, then it may be worth investing in this service. By using GPS to track mobile phone signals it can see and predict road congestion and queues determined on the volume and speed of signals in a certain area. The Go Live HD Traffic service is one of the most accurate on the market, which is unfortunately reflected in the cost. You receive the first year free when you purchase the sat nav but there is a charge of £47.50 per year after the initial 12 months. This is a must have piece of tech if you drive long distances or frequently.

Electric window scraper


Cold, dark mornings are bad enough, so any gadget that makes them easier makes it a must-have. Gone are the days when you had to spend copious amounts of time scraping ice off your windscreen with your credit card, or with a run of the mill scraper. Invest in an electric scraper, which will have a built in heater which will melt any ice and frost within seconds. You can charge the scraper in your lighter socket, meaning that you don’t have to mess around with batteries- one less thing to worry about!

Breathalyzer Key Chain


We all know that drink driving is detrimental to our own safety and everyone’s around us, so it’s important to know whether we’re under the legal limit before we get into our cars. This little gadget is small enough to hook on your keys and let you know if you’re over the limit. The keychain has a green, a yellow and a red LED light which will indicate if you’re OK to drive, borderline or definitively over the limit. There are a few models of breathalyzer key chains out there, but the Essex Electronics model, which will cost you around £5.99. This is a great stocking filler which could potentially help save lives.

Car Finder iPhone app


How many times have you parked your car and then forgot where it is on your way back? If the answer to that question is no, we think you’re fibbing. Remembering where you’ve parked, especially in multi-story car parks and attraction car parks, can be a chore, so the Car Finder app, available for the iPhone is a must have piece of tech. As soon as you step out of your car, the Car Finder will index your positioning by using GPS technology, and it even gives you an option to type in details of where you’ve parked. When you’re ready to return to your car you simply scan your phone over the area of the car park and it will give you voice activated directions on how to find your car, saving you time and possible heart attacks.

Bluetooth Car Kit- Parrot CK3100


Calling all mobile phone addicts! We all know how we’ve become dependent on our mobile phones- we feel lost without them, and with stricter laws about using your phone while driving Parrot have come up with a great solution. If you drive frequently and have a family, own a business or just have a hectic social life- no doubt you’ll need to use your mobile in the car. Invest in a quality Bluetooth kit which will allow you to make calls, receive calls and see your call history and signal strength without having to touch your phone. The Parrot CK100 does all of the above, and even has a voice activation feature which means you don’t even have to look at the device to make a call. You can bag yourself one of these Bluetooth car kits for around £90, which is well worth in terms of safety and your social life- you’ll never miss an important call again.

N.B. Remember that if you invest in any expensive (or inexpensive) gadgets for your car, they may not be covered by your car insurance policy. Always read the small print or phone your insurance provider to make sure your items will be covered. You can compare car insurance at moneysupermarket.com.

A Car Gadgets article by Rachael Miller from the Shopping team at moneysupermarket.com Images sourced from Amazon.co.uk

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