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Top Fun IPhone Games For Kids

Total War Battle Shogun:

Total War Battle Shogun

Image source apple.com

This game is designed perfectly for iPhone users. You need to make your soldiers stand on the tiles and march in straight lanes. You have to score high in order to win. You could use different tactics and skills to win the game.

Burnout Crash:

You can easily download this app for the price of $1.99. As the name suggests it is full of action and thrill. This racing game will keep you busy for hours. So, be ready to set fire on the road. Increase your speed and over turn other players’ cars.

Individuals with creative skills and sharp brains will not face much difficulty in winning this game. To succeed and cross higher levels, you need to destroy as much cars as possible. Finish your job by crashing the maximum number of cars on the road.

Word Nerds:

It is a perfect kids leaning app for iPhone and iPad. This app comes with brain challenging tasks like spelling bees, hangman and crosswords, which will help your kind in learning new and complex works in a fun filled way.

Diamond Dash:

This is a very interesting game with bright colored diamonds. You will need to be quick and match them together. Each level will last for a minute of actions packed moments. it is free for download and has been rated with 5 stars.


It is a good brain teaser for iPhone users. Ka-Bloom is ruling the world. You need to provide food to hungry petalhead flored in the cosmos. You will be provided with some gemas, and candies to feed the flored. It is available with a much simpler set of rules. As and when you proceed, the levels get more complex. It is a perfect brainteaser for iPhone users.

Saving Private Sheep:

This gaming app is quite similar to angry birds. You need to attack your enemies and cross several hurdles to win the battle. You will be given good rewards for careful gameplay. Saving Private Sheep is a good source of creativity and innovation.

Saturday Morning RPG:

This game will surely remind you of Back to the Future, Transformers and similar other such entertaining games. This includes several action heavy battles, which will keep you busy for hours.

Shark Dash:

It is another popular game in the iPhone world. To succeed in this game, you need to ping an animal with a rubber band. Good graphics and soundtrack are some of the best features of the game.


Have you heard about Bookworm? It is the perfect fit for your iPhone. The appropriate gameplay, amazing soundtracks, graphics and much more will be loved by your kids. It has received 4.5 out of 5 ratings from the users.

There are many other entertaining games available like sketch Nation Studio, Enviro bear, Minigore and much more. Browse through the internet and download the perfect match.

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