Top Gadgets of 2008

The past year has seen the rise of many new products in the realms of gadgets. Below are a few of my editors picks with product details included. Laptop computers, mobile phones, tiny mp3 players and futuristic television recording round out the list of some of 2008’s best technological advancements. Sure it’s all media driven, but what isn’t?


For the best in DVR (digital video recorder’s) technology, there really is no better than the TiVo HD XL DVR. This piece of equipment records multiple television programs simultaneously, even while you are watching other live tv shows. What makes the TiVo so great is the amount of programming that can be recorded and stored. Amounts range from 150 hours all the way up to 1,350 hours of recording depending on the quality. With a suggested manufacturers retail price of $599.99 and one Terabyte (1,000GB) of hard disk space, the TiVo HD XL DVR system is a must have for any television series or film enthusiast.

Fourth generation iPod Nano

I’m not going to put you through the typical iPod rhetoric since I’m sure you already know what an iPod is. You may however not already know about is how it is progressing as an mp3 play back technology device. Here are some of the latest additions to the new iPod Nano.
1. Doubled storage room
2. New colours available
3. New thinner design
4. Genius Playlists
5. Audio recording options

Not much more you can really say about the Fourth generation iPod Nano, although its been critisised as a new design with a few more apple innovations, it’s a must have in my books.

HP Pavilion HDX 16

Hewlard Packard’s HP Pavilion HDX 16 notebook is the perfect alternative to the Apple’s iBook G3 laptop. This 6.8 pound laptop comes fully equipped with 512 MB video memory, 250 Gigabyte hard drive, four USB ports and even Bluetooth 2.0 technology. What separates the HP Pavilion HDX 16 from everything else is its 16:9 aspect ratio display and its power to deliver awesome graphics. Included with this is Microsoft Vista Home Premium operating system along with a one year parts and labour warranty. Prices may vary, however from what I seen looking around various retailers that sell them is roughly in the low four figure range. With a small size, light weight and quality multimedia presentations, the HP Pavilion HDX 16 is one of the best laptops on the market.

Apple’s iPhone 2.1

With millions of iPhones already sold all over the world, Apple has recently updated their software for their iPhone and iPod touch. According to Apple’s official website, the update is available for only $9.95. My only question is simply this; why isn’t it free? This really is an all in one gadget combining SatNav, 3g Internet, an iPod as well as an endless list of applications for you to add.

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