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A reliable GPS is priceless in our days. I have to many friends who were lost due to poor quality GPSs so today I will show you the top satellite navigation systems.

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Top 3 GPSs

#1. TomTom XL

TomTom XL

The latest TomTom XL Sat Nav model represents some of the hottest features and technology available in SatNav gear today. Tom Tom has incorporated a beautiful 4.3 inch display into the TomTom XL SatNav that gives a clear view of the road with your route highlighted in red, making it easy to follow.

A few simple taps on the TomTom XL SatNav isplay enables you to select your destination and be on your way. The Tom Tom XL’s small overall size is only slightly larger than the display itself and coupled with its light weight makes this Tom Tom XL Sat Nav a very portable device that can easily slip into your pocket. This Tom Tom Classic comes out of the box ready to navigate and includes pre-loaded maps of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The TomTom XL has a hefty 1GB of memory standard in the unit for maps and extras and sports an SD slot as well for additional maps and expansion.

The Tom Tom XL uses a state of the art high sensitivity GPS chipset to guarantee the widest coverage and pinpoint accuracy and also provides a connector for an external antenna if you choose to use one. The TomTom XL also includes a built-in Bluetooth connection for optional features like weather, traffic updates and other downloads. For charging and additional software updates, the TomTom XL has a standard USB connection, which eliminates the need to carry an extra charger with you when you travel.

You can charge the internal Lithium-Ion battery from any computer’s USB connector and enjoy hours of use from a single charge.

#2. Garmin Nuvi 250W

Garmin Nuvi 250W

The Garmin Nuvi 250W presents a lot of features that drivers care about in a sleek and compact unit. You will be able to navigate the whole of Europe with pre-loaded, street level maps on the Garmin Nuvi 250W. The Garmin Nuvi 250W Europe comes with pre-loaded street level mapping for all of Europe, as well as an impressive database of points of interest along your route. These points of interest will help you find the closest restaurant, ATM, bank or any other location you might need to make your trip a little more comfortable.

The Garmin 250W Sat Nav also gives you the option of choosing a particular point of interest as your new destination, or adding it to an existing route. The driver also has the option of adding additional locations like safety cameras, or a school zone to this database and the Garmin 250W SatNav will alert you when you are approaching one of them. The Garmin 250W Europe Sat Nav does a great job of calculating the best route to your destination and will display this on its widescreen 4.3 inch touch screen display. With a few taps of the screen you can have your destination entered and be on your way. The Garmin 250W Europe Sat Nav also offers the driver the option of customizing the route it selects to either choose the quickest time, shortest distance, or pick an off road route that will take you on less traveled roads. Additionally, the Garmin 250W Europe Sat Nav allows drivers to elect to avoid toll roads or highways on their route for even finer control and the unit will calculate a route accordingly. Other regional maps can be added to the Garmin Nuvi 250W through the use of an SD card, as well as local travel guides.

The garmin sat nav has an internal Lithium-Ion battery and will operate for about 5 hours on a single charge, giving the driver plenty of use on long trips.

#3. RAC 300 (Europe)

RAC 300

The RAC 300 Europe is very similar in size and function to the RAC 300 Sat Nav unit and includes an even greater map database. The RAC 300 Europe comes pre-loaded with full street level mapping of all of Europe to cover the entire region. It also includes a large points of interest database to help find locations such as restaurants, banks, and other shopping venues along your route. It easily allows you to add a selected location to your route as a detour.

The RAC 300 Europe will insert this location into your current route and navigate to the location, and then continue on to your final location. This helps to make the trip more enjoyable and these detours can be added with a few taps on the display of the RAC 300 Europe. The RAC 300 Europe has a sharp 3.5 inch touch screen display does that does a wonderful job of presenting the current location data as well as the intended route for the driver, including any approaching turns or exits.

This display is also a highly sensitive touch screen that allows the driver to enter destination data and access the various menus on the RAC 300 Europe. The directions on the RAC 300 Europe can be displayed in either a 2-D or 3-D view and can easily be changed at the driver’s discretion.

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