Top Speakers for Small Concerts

When someone is planning a gathering, they want to make sure the guests can see and hear all of the action. If people are hosting a concert, this means investing in the right speakers. Even if the gathering will be small, they still want to use the best speakers to ensure that people can hear what’s going on and enjoy the event. Here are the top speakers to make any small concert more impressive and enjoyable.

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Portable Systems from Bose

Bose offers portable systems that can send the sound traveling a great distance. The L1 Compact System is designed for audiences of up to 100 people. There are six small speakers, two built-in channels and integrated bass in the power stand. If the gathering is a little larger, people can turn to the 1S model that is designed for audiences up to 300 people with 12 speakers. Finally, the II system features 24 speakers and is designed for crowds up to 500 people. Anyone hosting an important event may want to consider also investing in the T1 ToneMatch audio engine. It has four input channels and works with any of the L1 speaker systems to help customize the sound.

Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS

These concert speakers are created by the famous piano-maker and the Danish audio wizard. They have the ability to reproduce the sound of an incredible Steinway grand piano, and they are an excellent choice for small concerts. Used in large theaters and concert halls alike, the speakers have 15 mid-range 5.25-inch drivers and eight AMT tweeters stacked together. The thin speaker is more than eight-feet tall and an astonishing 16-inches wide. They are essentially a smaller version of the stacked speakers used at stadium shows, and that makes them one of the top choice for smaller concerts and gatherings. This system does carry an extremely high price tag of $190,000 just for the speakers, but they are still the best choice when concert organizers want superior sound.

Yamaha 2-Way Club Concert

Those people who want sweet sound and a lower price tag will appreciate the Yamaha C115V speakers. An excellent choice for small concerts, they perform beautifully. The musical experience they deliver is rich, full and powerful. They are also durable and portable, making them a good choice for concerts that will be held in different venues. They also feature pole sockets, so concert organizers can easily raise them to different heights to keep the crowd happy.

QSC Concert Systems K Series Loudspeakers

The K Series from QSC is the new standard in lightweight and portable loudspeakers. They have four different models to choose from, and they all feature a 1,000-watt class D power module. Fullrange models that deliver a rich sound, they use extensive DSP processing for superior sonic clarity and impressive output levels.

When people are working on small concerts, they want to make sure that their guests will be able to hear every note and take in the full experience. Any of these speakers are an appropriate choice for private concerts, fundraisers and even a concert in the park. They are portable and deliver the rich, full sound audiences want. While some carry a higher price tag, they are all worthy contenders for anyone planning a small concert.


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