Touchless Trashcan

Here is a convenient upgrade to the most used appliance in the house — a handsfree — and foot-free — 13-gallon trashcan that opens automatically when you get within six inches; and it stays wide open before closing automatically a few seconds after you exit the infrared sensor’s range. This is the ideal covered receptacle when sitting at the kitchen counter or workbench — no need to get up!

The handsome, commercial-grade Touchless Trashcanâ„¢ is made of brushed chrome stainless steel. Unlike competing appliances, it uses standard kitchen trash bags, kept neatly in place by an internal security ring. Stands 27″ high x 10 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ and weighs 12 lbs. (empty). Runs for about a year using four D batteries.

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