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The Apple IPhone has, like all of Apple’s technological innovations, transformed the connection of our world. Today, anything is possible within the realm of human experience because of technology. Along these lines, the IPhone offers the opportunity to track packages with its numerous package trackers available as IPhone applications. There are several: Slice, Avery Universal, Delivery Status Touch, USPS Mobile, UPS Mobile, Track My Shipments, and Track This Package, and others. This post, however, will touch upon three of the most beloved IPhone package trackers: UPS Mobile, Delivery Status Touch, and Slice.

UPS Mobile is a mobile package tracking IPhone application that allows you to track the travel of your shipments and estimate the cost of shipping and handling without logging in to the UPS site. If you become a member of the UPS site, you can create and print shipping labels as well as keep an address book of friends and relatives to whom you can send holiday presents. The application comes in German, Italian, English, and French languages and is a free download at the UPS site. The mobile tracking application was originally intended to come with account membership at the UPS site.

One advantage of UPS Mobile is that, provided you have a UPS account, the tracker will store your package tracking number to prevent retyping every time you check the status of your package (the number is long). Also, the IPhone application works wonders as well. The UPS Mobile tracker does not work very well with the Macbook Pro, however, as it prompts you to agree to new terms and relaunch the application.

Produced by Junecloud LLC, Delivery Status Touch operates as the shipper tracking for at least thirty companies: UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, TNT, Canada City Post, City Link, Royal Mail, DPD, and others such as Amazon, Adobe, and Apple. The IPhone application costs around $4.99 and hosts several international languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Delivery Status Touch is created to keep track of all your package shipments. You can even enter a site that is not listed in the thirty services supported by Delivery Status—and the application will track the shipment of those service packages as well! Additionally, Delivery Status Touch will also allow you to see your package as it ships from one place to another. While the map the application provides is not in “real” time, it does show you where your package is at each stage, as it leaves the original warehouse and heads to your home or business.

One advantage of Delivery Status Touch is that it allows you to see all your shippers in one place. This helps you know where each package is and the distance away from your home or business with each passing minute. A disadvantage of Delivery Status Touch is that the application can take a bit of time to upload, and its starting operation is slow. In addition, you may have to get the IOS 5 before you can see all that the package tracker application has to offer.

Slice is rated the top package tracker application of the three provided here. There are many features to the Slice application that make it worth your investment. First, there are real time updates. You will know where your package is at each moment. Unlike Delivery Status Touch, Slice has more real-time shipping information. You can track your packages on a map, as well as set notifications when a package has shipped or been delivered to your destination. Slice also retains your purchase history so that you no longer have to hunt it down. Finally, Slice organizes all your inbox receipts to tell you how much you spend, what you buy, and from where you shop. This prevents you from searching for receipts, should you decide to return an item to a store.

Slice is the top IPhone application according to numerous consumer reviews online. Nevertheless, UPS Mobile and Delivery Status Touch hold their own when it comes to package tracking applications. There are numerous other package shipping applications that could work as well and have their own convenient and interesting features. For technology lovers, dig in, try new applications, and write your own reviews. The world needs them.

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