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Transfer your old vinyl onto your iPod with LP to iPod Turntable

With LP to iPod Turntable it easy transferring your old vinyl onto your iPod.

LP to iPod Turntable

This turntable will look great next to a HiFi.

You can still hook the record player up to your PC or Mac and transfer your music the old fashioned way (we say old fashioned, but relatively speaking it’s still quite cutting edge) using ION’s EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software. Once the MP3s have been loaded onto your hard drive you’re free to do whatever you please with your music: burn a CD, archive them on an external hard drive or go all out crazy and make a mix tape.

If you’re feeling particularly retro then you can always hook it up to your stereo amp and actually play some records.

LP to iPod Turntable Features

  • Transfer your vinyl directly to iPod with no computer needed.
  • Can be hooked up to a stereo and used as a record player.
  • A stereo input so you can connect your tape deck, mini disc player, (insert other archaic audio format here) and also convert those into MP3s.
  • iPod dock will charge and synch your iPod while it’s connected.
  • Will play 33 and 45 RPM records, and 78s with included software
  • Dust cover, needle, cables and 45 RPM adapter all included.

Availability and pricing info

LP to iPod Turntable is available in UK at IwantOneOfThose.com. The price is £129.00.

IN USA you can find something similar at Amazon. Now they have an offer and the ION USB Turntable with Universal Dock for iPod cost only $159.25 (you save $70).

You can see ION USB Turntable with Universal Dock for iPod below.

ION USB Turntable with Universal Dock for iPod

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    It looks great, I wonder how it fares on sound quality. Either way, it’s a super gadget.

  2. That is so awesome! What a cool invention. Modern technology with a vintage taste. That is really amazing.

  3. Coolness.

    It’s something that most classic music lovers need. I still have some albums on tape and vinyl.

    It’s good that it converts to mp3 as well, so I can burn stuff on to my DVD burner.

  4. wow!!! this is uber cool!
    i suppose the sound quality isn’t amazing, but its still a great gadget.

  5. Awesome!! It is nice looks. No doubt now it is brilliant invention. I will buy it soon.


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    That’s cool, very useful for those of us who still have large vinyl collections.

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