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Travel Cushtie

Travel Cushtie

Whether you’re travelling on a plane, train, or in a car, there’s nothing worse than that head-nodding jerk you get when you’re trying to have a little snooze. There are a lot of travel cushions on the market, many of which look rather like medical supports. The Travel Cushtie beats them all hands down. Not only do they look good, but there are simply no adequate words to describe the sheer squishiness and mooshyness of these unbelievably soft and cloud-like squidgy cushions

Travel Cushties are so soft they feel as though they must be filled with liquid – lying back on one is like nestling your head in a pair of angel’s wings (though we don’t have that on any authority). Filled with polystyrene foam beads, the cover is like a silken elastic skin that bends, stretches and moulds itself to your head so you feel like it’s floating on air – and they come in a handy zipped travel bag that’ll also hold all your general travel bits and bobs.

You can have this for £5.99 – approx USD $10.78 / €8.87

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